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The trade show featuring the logistics of cold storage for clinical trials, ‘CTS West Coast’, 2nd to 3rd June, San Francisco, United States

18 May 2015

Pharmaceutical research is enabling medicine to make constant progress. Thanks to modern medicine and the use of drugs based on biotechnologies, while treatments are becoming increasingly effective they are also more and more complex. The result is that biomedical research needs suitable solutions for transporting clinical trials in complete safety.

Biomedical research, the logistics of clinical trials, transporting pharmaceutical specimens, temperature-controlled packaging, cold chain logistics, biopharmaceutical products.

North America : the centre of worldwide clinical research

When research is concentrated on cells and drugs in laboratories, it is referred to as ‘fundamental research’. The research is then conducted directly on the patient, when it is referred to a ‘clinical research’. These clinical trials are used to definitively validate a new medicine.

North America is the centre of worldwide clinical research: 78% of international clinical trials are conducted there. Pharmaceutical companies undertake more R&D in the United States than any other industry and R&D is a major activity in 8 of the 10 principal states. The West Coast is home to the big names in the pharmaceuticals industry, whose R&D and biomedical research activities are highly advanced. Thus, the secure handling and dispatch of these clinical trails is of prime importance to pharmaceutical companies.

The challenge posed by the logistics of clinical trials

Logistics of clinical specimens, transporting diagnostic specimens, transport via the cold chain, temperature-controlled logistics, insulated packaging solutions.

« Clinical Trial Supply West Coast » is an event specifically dedicated to the challenges posed by the logistics of clinical specimens on the West Coast of the United States. The logistics of clinical trials is an important stage which represents a major contribution to the success of the trial. The main problems encountered with regard to compliance with current regulations (ADR, IATA and OACI) are:

  • the delivery deadlines,
  • conformity
  • guarantee of the cold chain.

Handling, storage, transport, final delivery – this trade show is offering a real opportunity to discuss the problems associated with transporting clinical trials.

Suitable cold chain shipping systems

UN3373 insulated shipping containers, temperature-controlled packaging, transport of clinical trials, cold chain logistics..

To comply with regulations, Category B biological products must be transported in a packaging that satisfies the requirements of UN3373. Sofrigam has developed a range of insulated shipping packaging solutions that are qualified to UN3373, specifically for transporting clinical trials at controlled temperatures. Whether your diagnostic specimens need to be transported at +2 to +8 °C or at –18 °C and below, our UN3373 packaging solutions will safeguard their dispatch for up to 96 hours.

These products, together with our other insulated packaging solutions, can be viewed at the ‘Clinical Trial Supply West Coast’ trade show on 2nd and 3rd June on Sofrigam Stand No. 13.

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