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Sofrigam will be at TIPS, the International Transport of Healthcare Products seminar

19 September 2017

TIPS, an event dedicated to the international distribution of healthcare products, will take place in Lille, France, on 26 and 27 September. Sponsor of the event, Sofrigam will present its temperature-controlled packaging solutions. With pharmaceutical laboratories, distributers and third party logistics (3PL) providers, this conference will respond to all of your Supply Chain issues, don’t miss it!

Description: conference, pharmaceutical transport, logistics and distribution of healthcare products

TIPS Conference, 26/27 September, Cité des Echanges, Lille

Pharmaceutical distribution: increasing challenges

The distribution of healthcare products is a major challenge both for pharmaceutical laboratories and biotechnology companies as well as for distributors: TPL, wholesalers, pharmaceutical distributers, etc. Each plays an important role in the medicine distribution chain , with significant challenges for international transport . Regulatory issues, logistical constraints , financial challenges and quality assurance are among the most important. TIPS will provide the answers thanks to themed workshops on all of these issues.

Secure the transport of your healthcare products

Do you have any cold chain issues shipping healthcare products internationally ? Clinical trials, biological samples or even medicines for patients, come and meet Sofrigam at TIPS and discover its large range of insulated and cooling packaging solutions . Not only do they respond to the transport quality requirements for these sensitive products, but also, the logistical and economic constraints associated with transport and cost saving. Use  insulated or cooling packaging solutions which comply with the Good Distribution Practices for pharmaceutical products for secure shipping of your products.

TIPS: a convention bringing together the key players of the pharmaceutical Supply Chain in France 

TIPS has been organized by the Pharma Logistics Club, a group of more than 100 French companies in the transport, logistics and distribution, packaging, quality assurance and metrology sectors, all players in the pharmaceutical Supply Chain. They will exchange ideas on issues associated with the transport and logistics of pharmaceutical products and identify and discuss good distribution practices and certification.

TIPS will bring together pharmaceutical companies, hauliers, logisticians and pharmaceutical distribution suppliers on the international transport of healthcare products. This edition focuses, in particular, on the transport of healthcare products and raw materials (active substances and ingredients - API) in France, Africa and in the overseas departments/territories.

The two day programme:

pharmaceutical transport conferences, healthcare product distribution workshops

TIPS programme, International Transport of Healthcare Products Seminar

Workshops: a concrete approach to the issues of the international pharmaceutical cold chain

With nine themed workshops over two days TIPS will cover all issues associated with international distribution of healthcare products. Here is a summary. 

Tuesday 26 September  

Education and Training on GDP (Good Distribution Practices)

  • Short term continuous training needs and long term initial training

  • Internationally recognised GDP training

Transport of R&D healthcare products 

  • Risk analysis, management of subcontracting, requirements

  • Logistics of clinical trials

  • How to promote your R&D product during transport?

Systems and insulated packaging

  • Basic criteria for the best design for your packaging solution

  • Choice of transportation plan versus quality of existing infrastructure

  • Case study in Africa

Maritime transport of healthcare products

  • Roles of the different players in the maritime supply chain with regards to Healthcare companies

  • Good Distribution Practices in maritime transport

  • Traceability and data integrity

       Temperature-controlled logistical infrastructures
  • Current situation on storage conditions for temperature-controlled and regulated products

  • Importance of customs facilitation for a pharmaceutical establishment

  • Controlling the temperature of medicines in a logistical unit in a tropical region

Wednesday 27 September

Legal considerations when transporting healthcare products

  • Legal system applicable to the transport and logistics of healthcare products in Africa

  • Prevention and management of disputes

  • Blockchain: can it form a leading infrastructure in the supply chain between healthcare companies and logistics-transportation suppliers?

Metrology and Traceability 

  • Metrology and monitoring heat-sensitive products go beyond temperature: supply situation

  • The issue of data security and management of heat-sensitive healthcare products

  • Cold chain logistics from the first to the last mile: trends, issues and challenges

        Air transport
  • The impact of regulation on the current processes

  • Airport infrastructure and operational management of heat-sensitive pharmaceutical product flows

  • Feedback from a wholesaler-distributer specialized in healthcare products to Africa

Logistical infrastructures

  • Global view of storage conditions for temperature-controlled and regulated products

  • Importance of customs facilitation for a pharmaceutical establishment

  • Controlling the temperature of medicines in a logistical unit in a tropical region

        Road transportation of heat-sensitive healthcare products
  • GDP compliance process for road hauliers and their parts manufacturers

  • Current situation regarding the Data Integrity of the healthcare products and consequences for transport activities

  • Transportation plan of the main site up to the last mile and selection criteria for providers in accordance with wholesale GDP

For more information on each workshop visit:

TIPS is a convention not to be missed: register now and come and join us!

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