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The seminar ‘Challenges in the Supply Chain, Warehousing & Distribution’: 20 November 2014, Gembloux, Belgium

27 October 2014

The logistics of medicinal products is based on 3 key factors: the transportation, distribution and storage of pharmaceutical products. These stages are all the more crucial with regard to medicinal products that must be stored in the cold chain: the risk of any interruption to the cold chain is very real. The seminar ‘Challenges in the Supply Chain, Warehousing & Distribution’ has been organised in order to resolve these problems.

Logistics of medicinal products, temperature-controlled packaging solutions

What are the main features of the seminar on ‘Challenges in the Supply Chain, Warehousing & Distribution’?

The seminar on ‘Challenges in the Supply Chain, Warehousing & Distribution’ is organised by the International Society for Pharmaceutical Engineering (ISPE).

Companies involved in the logistics of temperature-controlled medicinal products will be gathering together to attend conferences and discuss case studies. The aim is to exchange views on the challenges posed by the storage and distribution of heat-sensitive healthcare products.

This one-day seminar will end with a visit to the distribution centre of GSK (GlaxoSmithKline), one of the global giants in the pharmaceutical industry.

ISPE knowhow at the service of the pharmaceutical industry

The ISPE is an international association committed to professionals involved in the research and manufacture of medicinal products. It is represented in more than 90 countries and has a membership of over 22,000. Its members include pharmaceutical companies, equipment suppliers, engineering and consultancy agencies and statutory bodies. Members of the ISPE contribute to the growth of scientific, technical and regulatory progress in the field of pharmaceutical engineering.

Sofrigam will be displaying its insulated packaging solutions

Cold chain logistics management, seminar for professionals involved in the distribution and storage of medicinal products.With its wealth of experience in the transportation of heat-sensitive products, Sofrigam will be taking part in the seminar on ‘Challenges in the Supply Chain, Warehousing & Distribution’, in order to exhibit its insulated packaging solutions intended for transporting sensitive pharmaceutical and biotechnological products. The insulated packaging solutions devised by Sofrigam have been specially designed to satisfy the requirements of pharmaceutical laboratories. They fulfil the constraints of constant temperature, productivity and safety. Tested, certified and validated in a laboratory on the basis of climatic tests, they satisfy the most stringent quality requirements.

Sofrigam will be exhibiting a wide range of cold chain shipping packaging: insulated pallet shippers with capacities up to 2,000 litres, UN3373 insulated packaging solutions designed for transporting clinical trials, insulated boxes made from VIP which maintain a constant temperature for 240 hours, together with specially-designed temperature-controlled packaging solutions.

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