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Pharmaceutical cold chain conference in Chicago: connected insulated packaging solutions and patients in the spotlight

06 September 2017

Sofrigam is taking part in the 15th temperature-controlled pharmaceutical logistics conference: “Temperature Controlled Life Science Supply Chain”, on 27 and 28 September in Chicago. It is an opportunity for the specialist of pharmaceutical insulated packaging solutions to present its new range of connected packaging solutions and its refrigerated bags which are part of the Patient-Centric healthcare approach.

Cold Chain Global Forum 2016 pharmaceutical conference

Sofrigam at the “Cold Chain Global Forum” in September 2016 in Boston

Healthcare in the Digital age

With personalised medicine, Big data, Artificial Intelligence, connected healthcare items, Healthcare has entered the Digital age. This is changing the face of medicine and how we care for patients . We are moving ever closer towards personalised medicine . By 2022, personalised medicine is expected to see an increase of almost 12% from 2014 *. Treatments are more specialised, as a result of biotechnologies and life sciences used to treat increasingly complex conditions. Between 2011 and 2017, the number of heat-sensitive healthcare products increased by 45% ! 1 in 2 medicines on the market is heat-sensitive .

Reducing the costs of pharmaceutical cold chain logistics and maintaining quality

Pharmaceutical Supply Chain Management

Medicine supply chain management

All these changes in the pharmaceutical world are having an impact on how laboratories produce medicines, as well as on the management of their supply chain. They must manage increasing numbers of medicines which need to be stored at controlled temperatures . Globally, expenditure on the pharmaceutical supply chain represents around 25% of the costs borne by pharmaceutical companies . Spending on the cold chain logistics of medicines is the highest out of this expenditure. Optimizing it – making it more secure and more effective - may be a source of significant savings.

“The need for a robust and streamlined temperature-controlled supply chain has never been so important. With such a surge of heat-sensitive products entering the supply chain, companies must review their logistics, their packaging solutions, their security and quality procedures in order to ensure that they keep pace with this exponential growth”, Jody Tropeano, Programme Director for the 15th edition of the “Temperature Controlled Life Science Supply Chain” forum.

The “Temperature Controlled Life Science Supply Chain” conference, highly specialised in performance issues regarding the supply chain of shipped temperature-controlled pharmaceutical products, will provide the answers on all of these topics.

Making cold chain logistics secure for pharmaceutical companies

Sofrigam has specialised in temperature-controlled packaging solutions since 1979. Established in Europe, Australia and the United States, the company assists some of the largest and smallest pharmaceutical and biotechnology laboratories in the world in the management of their cold chain logistics . Today the main challenges encountered by the market cover the issue of costs, product security, compliance with changing regulations, and the specific technical and operational constraints of each organisation. This is why, Sofrigam has developed a range of connected insulated packaging solutions which ship very sensitive medicines for up to 5 days below +2/+8°C, with no external power source. The integrated logger guarantees that a constant temperature has been maintained throughout transportation. Some reusable packaging solutions transport temperature-controlled pharmaceutical products in complete security .

Facilitating the everyday life of patients

refrigerated bag for transporting vaccines

Insulated bags (cooling bags) for the transportation of medicines and vaccines

Pharmaceutical laboratories must respond to the expectations of patients who are increasingly involved and engaged in their healthcare. Treatments are currently designed for patients, with the patients . The medicines are accompanied by services directed at improving the quality of life of patients through listening, online sharing of experiences, and even personalisation of therapies. In the transport of medicines, the Patient-Centric Approach takes on its full meaning. Cancer drugs, insulins, treatments for Alzheimer or Parkinson’s disease are medicines which monitor the everyday life of patients with the associated medical conditions. These treatments are heat-sensitive and have storage constraints which are difficult to manage on a daily basis. Sofrigam designs, with patients and laboratories, insulated packaging solutions adapted to each treatment. They provide effective thermal protection to facilitate the transportation of medicines , whether a single return trip to the pharmacy or going on holiday.

Come and discover these products and meet the Sofrigam experts on stand n°512 at the “Temperature Controlled Life Science Supply Chain” healthcare products cold chain conference on 27 and 28 September in Chicago!

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* Source: Grand View Research, Personalized Medicine (PM) Market Analysis By Product (PM Diagnostics, PM Therapeutics, Personalized Medical Care, Personalized Nutrition & Wellness) And Segment Forecasts To 2022, June 2016.

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