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Conference on clinical trial logistics: “Clinical Trial Supply Europe”, 26/27 February, Rome, Italy

19 February 2014

Discover Sofrigam UN3373 insulated packaging systems on the event "Clinical Trial Supply Europe 2014".

Sofrigam will be taking part in the 15th annual flagship event dedicated to clinical trial logistics. Every year, the Clinical Trial Supply exhibition organised by Arena brings together those involved in supply chain and logistics and working towards a secure sample distribution chain.

Securing the distribution chain: a priority

At every stage from manufacturing to distribution, the security of clinical trials is essential. Everything possible must be done to make the logistics chain easier, more secure and more transparent.

Samples have to be transported in accordance with IATA or ADR regulations, which deal with the transportation by air or road of infectious substances which potentially contain pathogens.

Sofrigam’s UN3373 pre-qualified insulated shipping packaging

The problem is even more complex when it comes to the transportation of temperature-sensitive samples. This requires use of UN3373 pre-qualified temperature-controlled packaging.

Sofrigam, who is sponsoring this event, will be showcasing its insulated packaging solutions for clinical trial transportation. These insulated boxes have been specially approved in line with UN3373 regulations for the transportation in the cold chain of category B biological substances.

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