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Wholesaler Dispatcher Distributor

The transportation of temperature sensitive products is a critical issue for the distributor.

Distributors and consignees are obliged to respect the cold chain within the timescales set: distribution to dispensing pharmacies and hospitals must be secure, speedy and efficient.


Make your order picking more efficient

Your obligation: despatching medicines in small but variable quantities, using the cold chain and to frequently tight deadlines. For your very specific needs, Sofrigam has created the Leanbiobox®, a refrigerated box that adapts to your delivery tubs and that meets cold chain requirements by keeping your products at temperatures of +2°C/+8°C. The advantage of the Leanbiobox is that it is conditioned to keep your products cool when the outside temperature ranges from 15°C to 25°C.

Designed for efficient order picking, the Leanbiobox allows you to pick an order in under 30 seconds. .

Fabrication emballages

Reuse or recycle your refrigerated tubs

The Sofrigam bonus: our refrigerated tubs are reusable. Your costs and carbon footprint are optimised.

If you use throwaway refrigerated boxes, we will take care of your product sorting, recycling and reuse: we collect your boxes on site. You do not have to do anything.

You are:



precision and anticipation



responsibility and cost control


Wholesaler Dispatcher Distributor

for the distributor, reliability has to be a priority