Trivia data loggers: choose cold chain traceability!

Practical and high-performance single-use or reusable temperature recorders.

Trivia is a range of practical and high performance temperature recorders. With single-use or reusable versions, these data loggers fit into any insulated packaging solution to monitor the maintenance of constant temperatures and alert you in case of a break in the cold chain.

A technology designed by experts in innovation and the cold chain

Sofrigam engineers, specialists in the pharmaceutical cold chain, collaborated with experts in innovative technology to develop Trivia, an extremely efficient and easy to use tool to monitor the maintenance of the cold chain in insulated shipping packaging solutions.

Ease and efficiency: trust in Trivia to monitor your cold chain

Trivia accurately and quickly captures any temperature variation in the packaging. It has highly intuitive and easily customizable programming as a result of SofrigamManager software (free downloadable software). Its Plug & Play data collection system is very practical.

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Single-use or reusable, it’s up to you to decide!

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Single-use data logger Trivia

Do you ship cold chain pharmaceutical products in single-use insulated packaging units? Then Trivia SU is made for you! This single use version of the temperature recorder has a large LCD for immediate reading of more than 10 key data with instant control of temperature compliance once the insulated packaging solution is opened, without having to connect the logger to a computer.

reusable data logger, cold chain traceability, temperature monitoring for temperature-controlled packaging

Reusable data logger Trivia

Do you have a reusable packaging circuit in place? Trivia’s reusable version can be reprogrammed with the support of Sofrigam Manager software. It can also be reused for other shipments! The 5 LED warning lights display the status of the alarm thresholds configured beforehand. Equipped with an integrated USB port, the data recorded during transportation is just a click away. Simply connect the logger to the USB port of a computer to obtain the charts and statistics.

Trivia offers cold chain tracking tools to secure your shipments around the world!

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