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Training: a better understanding of the cold chain

We provide you with support in your training and information approach.

Benefit from training addressing topics that deal with cold chain and medicine transportation under controlled temperature.


Knowing about the cold chain for better compliance

The transportation of temperature sensitive products sometimes requires an in-depth knowledge of the cold chain : a poorly controlled step can result in the loss of a product or a product that becomes toxic. This is a major challenge for which your teams must be meticulously prepared. What are the procedures applicable to the cold chain? How is refrigerated packaging used? What are the preparation methods used? These essential issues are raised and resolved by our engineers during dedicated training sessions.

Are you intending to use one of our refrigerated packaging products? Are you aware of the cold chain but do not have in-depth knowledge of the procedure that has to be followed? Our training will help you optimise the use of your packaging products.

Train your teams: improve quality and optimise your costs


Training is part of a quality improvement process : trained and informed, your teams know how to allow for all the constraints applicable to compliance with the cold chain. Lack of knowledge about the cold chain or about the rules applicable to the use of packaging can result in lost products. Less waste and greater security : trained teams guarantee that your constraints are taken into consideration.

We provide you with support in your approach: our sales executives make on-site visits in the company of our specialist engineers to provide your teams with training in preparation methods and in the use of our products. Experts are also available to train your teams in cold chain procedures.

Our services perfectly partner our packaging and insulated box ranges, offering you comprehensive and quality benefits.

Our expertise goes even further: we also attend seminars and publish articles and guides intended for different audiences.

Undergoing training by our experts means that you will make optimum use of packaging articles and that you will become familiar with all cold chain related constraints.

Our training schemes are tailored to your profile

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