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Join Sofrigam at the “Temperature Controlled Logistics Europe” pharmaceutical conference (London, 30/01 – 02/02)

12 January 2017

Once again this year, Sofrigam is sponsoring “Temperature Controlled Logistics Europe”. This major European event is dedicated to the temperature-controlled logistics of biotechnology and pharmaceutical products. A theme that we are very familiar with: come and visit us!

pharmaceutical cold chain logistics event, temperature-controlled logistics.

“Temperature Controlled Logistics Europe” is the meeting place for players in the pharmaceutical supply chain of products shipped via the cold chain. A genuine exchange platform, every year it brings together around a hundred sponsors, equipment suppliers, pharmaceutical and biotechnology manufacturers. No fewer than 100 lectures are offered on the technical, regulatory or financial aspects of the management of temperature-controlled logistics of heat-sensitive pharmaceutical products.

Seminars conducted by known experts in pharmaceutical logistics!

This 16th edition, which will take place in London for the first time, will place the emphasis on the latest innovations in the pharmaceutical supply chain in order to reduce costs, increase security of shipments and manage risks. In particular, it will present winning strategies from equipment suppliers and expert speakers who will address the following topics:

  • Cost reduction in the pharmaceutical supply chain: discover the strategies of AstraZeneca, Teva, Wockhardt and others to reduce the cost of their supply chain without sacrificing quality.
  • Successful expansion in emerging markets: overview of proven strategies in terms of pharmaceutical logistics for Russia, China, Africa, India, the Middle East and Latin America which will help you to expand your markets.
  • Reducing the risks associated with the temperature-controlled supply chain: Mundi Pharma, Dr Reddy, Shire, Merck and others share their experiences of minimizing risks and will give you ideas on how to increase the security of your supply chain.
  • Complying with current regulations in pharmaceutical logistics: the large pharmaceutical groups and institutions such as the Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency (MHRA) will come and share their expertise and their approaches with regard to preparing for inspections.

  • Identifying future trends in the cold chain: the main suppliers of pharmaceutical equipment and solutions will present their most innovative products and advise you on the security and optimization of your temperature-controlled logistics.

Sofrigam, player in pharmaceutical logistics via the cold chain

pharmaceutical insulated packaging manufacturer, refrigerated logistics expert.

Two core topics are highlighted at this event:

  • The issue of end-to-end pharmaceutical logistics, or how to guarantee maintaining medicines at constant temperatures across the whole supply chain, especially when the logistical circuits are increasingly complex, with multiples pharmaceutical hubs and people involved in logistics.
  • Reusing insulated packaging solutions: growing environmental concerns are forcing manufacturers in the sector to innovate in order to reduce the environmental impact of insulated packaging solutions. Packaging solutions are increasingly sophisticated, manufactured from increasingly resistant materials because the packaging solution must no longer only be considered in terms of use but in terms of usage. Reuse is one of the keys but still poses questions today: lack of standards governing the reuse of packaging, constraints on the management of the return circuit, problems with complex logistical circuits, etc. manufacturers of static refrigerated packaging solutions still have issues to address. But as the saying goes: “there are no problems, there are only solutions”. It involves working hand in hand with the pharmaceutical laboratories and the logistic service providers to find the solutions!

These themes have always been at the heart of our expertise. We will be happy to discuss them with you and present our insulated solutions with optimized and secure end-to-end logistics.

Visit us at our stand n°39/40 on Tuesday 31 January and Wednesday 1st February in London!

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