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STP: insulated packaging solutions 100% made in USA

24 September 2014

Sustainable Thermal Packaging, the American subsidiary of Sofrigam, manufactures and distributes Sofrigam packaging solutions in the United States.

STP manufacturer of insulated shipping packaging solutions, provider of polyurethan cold chain packaging solutions, distributor of temperature-controlled packaging for the cold chain logistics

STP: the fusion of two sets of skills

STP is the result of collaboration between two forward-thinking and innovative companies: Sofrigam, the leading European manufacturer of cold chain shipping packaging solutions (and creator of the Pallet Shipper) and Intelligent Thermal Solutions (ITS), an American manufacturer at the cutting edge of technology. On several occasions, Intelligent Thermal Solutions has been awarded prizes for its reusable cooling solutions, such as the iBox.

Sofrigam and ITS have combined their technical expertise and their know-how in order to provide the pharmaceutical industry with high-quality insulated polyurethane boxes. This is how STP came into being.

From its production plant and storage facilities in Texas, STP produces and distributes Sofrigam temperature-controlled packaging solutions throughout the American continent. These containers are efficient, inexpensive and ecologically-sound. They fully satisfy the logistical requirements of security, productivity and controlled temperature.

The many strengths of STP

Transport of temperature sensitive pharmaceuticals, expert in cold chain logistics, Sofrigam insulated shipping packaging.STP has acquired sound technical expertise in the field of logistics and the cold chain. A team of expert engineers is able to analyse your supply chain, to offer the most appropriate solutions and to provide training in using the products.

Sofrigam insulated packaging solutions are designed to optimise and secure your cold chain logistics. They are manufactured at the STP production site in Texas in accordance with a quality control policy that satisfies the demands of the pharmaceutical industry.

The added-value of the packaging solutions is a result of the use of a highly-effective insulating material. The insulated shipping containers for pharmaceutical products weigh less, their carrying capacity (payload) is greater and transport costs are lower.

We also apply an environmentally-sound policy to every stage of production of the packaging solutions. We are lowering the ecological impact of transporting cold chain products in the following ways:

  • the processes for manufacturing the insulated containers;
  • the choice of materials;
  • providing support for the management of your cold chain logistics;
  • recycling the containers.

By manufacturing and distributing Sofrigam products, STP is doing all in its power to provide support for the management of your cold chain logistics, ensuring that your heat-sensitive products are transported in a straightforward and secure manner. 

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