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Sofrimag No. 14, January 2015: optimise your cold chain transport costs

28 January 2015

On the front page of our last Newsletter, the Frizbox XXL Pallet Shipper, supplied in flat-pack form, and the new version of the Sofribox cooling box reduce the TCO of your logistics in the cold chain. Come and see them at the Cool Chain Europe trade show in Frankfurt on 27 and 28 January 2015!

Transport by air, by sea and by road: cut your costs!

Perhaps you are already familiar with the Frizbox XXL Pallet Shipper, which is suitable for transport by air and which has also facilitated the preparation time for containers. This XXL Pallet Shipper is now available in a new size. With the new flat-packed model, the benefits are the same but your logistics costs are also drastically reduced.

As a result, you can:

  • increase the number of containers. In comparison with the standard model, you can use twice as many containers on an aircraft platform and dispatch three times as many containers by road and by sea!
  • reduce the man-hours required for assembly. The XXL Pallet Shipper can be assembled by one person in less than 5 minutes.

Using this insulated container, you can store your products for up to 144 hours under ISTA conditions, because it is highly efficient.

Transport via the cold chain: the new, more efficient Sofribox

Lightweight and efficient insulated containers for transporting pharmaceutical products via the cold chain.We have redesigned and improved the Sofribox. If you have already been impressed by these efficient insulated shipping packaging, which are secure and easy to use, you will doubtless appreciate the new models, as they will enable you to reduce your TCO even further.

Despite the fact that they have a greater carrying capacity, the new Sofribox:

  • do not take up any more space,
  • they weigh less and
  • they are more efficient.

These are the ideal insulated packaging solutions for transportation via the cold chain, to international destinations for example.

Pharmaceutical industries: start preparing for the new environmental regulations due to come into force in 2017

Latest news concerning existing and forthcoming standards and regulations applicable to pharmaceutical laboratoriesThe European Union is increasingly encouraging companies to use their resources in a sustainable manner and to improve their management of waste. This is why Philippe Osset, a specialist in the definition and deployment of sustainable development policies for commercial products, is applying his expertise to pharmaceutical industries.

Which standards and regulations will be applied to your company in 2017? You will know how to prepare for them and be aware of the possible penalties that may be imposed.

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