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Sofrimag Newsletter  No 11

17 September 2013

The cold chain newsletter

News UKThe specifications document, a guarantee of respected quality (p.2)

The transportation of heat-sensitive medicines requires the use of insulated packaging to meet the safety, productivity and temperature criteria necessary for correct cold chain management. The role of specifications is to ensure user expectations match supplier recommendations.

An international reference one day? (p.2)

Legislative requirements concerning logistics for medicines are increasingly strict and increasingly enforced. Several qualification reference systems have appeared in a few countries. In agreement on some points and diverging on others, perhaps the day will come when there will be an international, standardised reference system.

Sofrigam continues its growth in America (p.3)

Sofrigam is continuing its development strategy in the United States, adding to its offer of controlled temperature packaging solutions by joining forces with American partners specialised in reusable temperature-controlled packaging.

The iBox®, leading-edge packaging (p.3)

At the very heights of the latest technology, this semi-active temperature-controlled container boasts impressive reliability and performance: your heat-sensitive products are kept between +2° and +8°C for up to 5 days, regardless of the outside temperature. With a GPS tracking system and integrated temperature recorders, your pharmaceuticals will be transported under high security.

Interview with John Howe, CEO of Intelligent Thermal Solutions (p. 4)

Intelligent Thermal Solutions, a Sofrigam partner, is an innovative company that manufactures intelligent and reusable containers for the transportation of heat-sensitive pharmaceutical and bio-tech products. ITS is also behind the iBox®...

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