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Sofrigam, sponsor of the largest cold chain conference for pharmaceutical products in the United States

22 September 2015

‘GDP & Temperature Management Logistics’ is an annual conference in America dedicated to the logistics of pharmaceutical products transported via the cold chain. It will be held from 5thto 9th October 2015 in Boston. We will be there, as both sponsor and exhibitor!

Cold chain, transporting medicines, temperature-controlled logistics


A not-to-be-missed conference on the cold chain for pharmaceutical products

700 visitors, 100 sponsors and exhibitors and more than 100 speakers specialising in the supply chain for medicines will be coming together at the ‘GDP & Temperature Management Logistics’ conference. Decision-makers in the pharmaceuticals industry will be able to meet equipment manufacturers from all over the world to discover the best ways to store, dispatch, trace, protect and optimise their consignments of heat-sensitive medicines.

Sofrigam is sponsoring the event, as well as being an exhibitor, and our own members of staff and those of our American subsidiary distributor STP welcome you to Stand 711. Come and find out more about the latest version of our iBox, a thermal regulated cold chain shipping container, our new range of standard insulated boxes and our series of ‘final mile’ insulated packaging solutions.

Our insulated and refrigerated packaging solutions are the most appropriate response to the problems encountered between manufacture of the medicine and its final administration to patients.

What are the fundamental challenges involved in the pharmaceuticals and biotechnological products transportation?

Transporting pharmaceutical products, heat-sensitive medicines, insulated shipping packaging, temperature-controlled packaging solutions

The increasing use of medicines derived from living organisms is compelling pharmaceutical laboratories to establish a controlled and secure system of cold chain logistics. This involves every link in the logistics chain: the manufacturing laboratory, transport, dispatch, storage and so on. This complex logistical cycle requires a careful balance between compliance with standards and cost control, while maintaining products’ integrity and patients’ safety.

Here are 3 of the principal challenges:

  • Temperature control, from the time of manufacture of the medicine until it is administered to the patient. Compliance with Good Distribution Practice (GDP) is as much a determining factor as Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) of medicinal products for human use.

  • Safeguarding the heat-sensitive medicines logistics. The biomedicines now being developed by the pharmaceutical industry are expensive: safeguarding your consignments should be a priority (controlled temperature, protection against theft, etc.). In order to respond to this challenge, refrigeration equipment suppliers are offering ever-more advanced technological solutions.

  • Satisfying statutory regulations. The pharmaceuticals industry is subject to stringent standards (GDP, IATA regulations governing international air cargo, regulations applied by official agencies responsible for the authorisation, monitoring and control of medicines in each country, etc.). The development of heat-sensitive medicines will only exacerbate this challenge and involve the manufacturer’s responsibility, who, in turn, must place reliance on efficient and reliable refrigeration equipment.

Whether you are representing a pharmaceuticals or biotechnological products manufacturer, a clinic, a hospital or if you are a patient yourself, come and exchange ideas and find answers to these major challenges at the ‘GDP & Temperature Management Logistics’ conference from 5th to 9th October in Boston.

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