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Sofrigam – partner in the ‘Cold’ Exhibition at the Cité des Sciences et de l’Industrie in Paris

30 November 2017

From 5th December 2017 until 26th August 2018, the Cité des Sciences et de l’Industrie will be tackling a subject so scientific that it forms part of everyday life: the cold. The exhibition, open to the general public and accessible from the age of 9, will reveal the universe of the cold from every angle. As an expert in refrigeration, Sofrigam is a partner in this innovative and fascinating event.

cold exhibition, industrial refrigeration, universe of the cold

Understanding the mechanisms of the cold

What is the cold? What impact does it have on living creatures? How can it be manufactured? Are there limits to the cold? Just a few of the many questions that will be covered by the exhibition, which will also shed light on the mechanisms of the cold and its many applications, some of which the general public are unaware, particularly industrial refrigeration.

Focus on industrial refrigeration

Cold conditions are a manifestation of Nature but, in the form of refrigeration, it also has numerous applications in everyday life in sectors such as food processing , healthcare , power generation and even the environment . Designed with the assistance of the CNRS and manufacturers of refrigeration equipment, the exhibition provides the keys to understanding  the mechanisms concealed behind these phenomena or these applications. It also displays physical examples, giving the visitor a more general insight into what might come after the word ‘cold’.

Artificial and applied refrigeration: the implications of refrigeration in the healthcare sector

cold chain, refrigeration in life sciences, pharmaceutical refrigeration

With the aid of a team game, visitors to the exhibition will be able to discover numerous applications for refrigeration in everyday life and in industry. Supporting life science industries, pharmaceutical and biotechnology laboratories and logistics companies, such as the 3PLs (Third Party Logistic Providers), in the protection of the most critical heat-sensitive products is also the everyday preoccupation of Sofrigam.

Our insulated shipping packaging are designed to maintain the integrity of vaccines, insulin products, cancer inhibiting drugs, tissue samples, biological and biotechnological products, diagnostic specimens, etc. Indeed, these products must be transported in suitable packing units at the required temperature (chilled to +2 to +8 °C, at ambient temperatures regulated to between +15 and +25 °C or even frozen down to a temperature of -18 °C). Not only that, these temperatures must be maintained from departure from the manufacturing site of the products until they are delivered to the patient. Suffice to say that the road is long and littered with pitfalls, above all because the production and distribution circuits are increasingly international. Hence the major refrigeration challenge facing the healthcare sector!

Insulated or refrigerated packaging?

insulated shipping packaging, temperature-controlled box, cold chain packaging

Insulated packaging consist of an insulating material that maintains the temperature for a given period, which is dependent on the external environmental conditions. On the contrary, a refrigerated packaging unit, also referred to as a temperature-controlled packaging unit, generates the cold conditions and this is done in several ways. 

It may be an active refrigerated packaging unit, which has to be connected to an electrical power supply in order to create the cold conditions. On the other hand, passive cold chain packaging units do not require an electrical supply and they generate the cold conditions with the aid of a continuous cold source in the form of eutectic gels. Semi-active temperature-controlled packaging are also available: these combine the flexibility of passive packaging, inasmuch as they do not require a power supply, with the accuracy of active packaging, since they automatically regulate the release of cold into the payload area of the packaging.

Creating cold conditions is one thing, but succeeding in maintaining products that are highly sensitive to fluctuations in temperature at a predefined temperature range for periods of 48, 72 or 96 hours is a real challenge, all the more so if the packaging is subjected to widely-varying external temperature conditions!

The cold: a fascinating subject awaiting discovery, beginning on 5th December at the Cité des Sciences et de l’Industrie in Paris.

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