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Sofrigam No. 13, November 2014: focus on the Certicold label!

24 November 2014

Read our latest newsletter to learn more about transporting pharmaceutical products using the cold chain. On the front page: Certicold Pharma, the quality label applied to temperature-controlled solutions for transporting medicines!

Certicold Pharma: the label for cold chain thermal solutions that satisfy GDP requirements

Quality label for insulated shipping packaging solutions, certification of the performance of insulated containers for pharmaceutical products.This was the problem highlighted in November 2012 by Mr Jean-Pierre Paccioni, Chairman of Section B of the Council of the National Order of Pharmacists: The insulated packaging solutions distributed to patients are not sufficiently effective for storing heat-sensitive products in complete safety! In fact, on average the performance of insulated pouches is no more than 5 minutes, whereas the average journey time to the nearest pharmacy is 20 minutes.

Furthermore, users are objecting to a lack of transparency regarding the performance characteristics and quality of the proposed solutions. As for the suppliers of insulated packaging solutions, they regret the absence of a precise set of specifications to guarantee the quality of cold chain equipment.

As a result, a committee was set up within the National Order of Pharmacists, under the guidance of Cemafroid, in order to create a label guaranteeing the quality and performance of cold chain equipment in the healthcare sector: Certicold Pharma!

>>> Download the Certicold Pharma leaflet

Nomad Slim: the very first insulated packaging solution to be labelled Certicold Pharma

An insulated and cooling pouch for heat-sensitive medicines, AFNOR NF S99-700 certification, Certicold Pharma label.
Our Nomad Slim insulated pouch has everything you need: easy to use, internal compartments to prevent contact between the products and the eutectic gel packs and effective safeguards for the medicines! It was specially designed for the daily transportation of vaccines, insulin or other medicines at strictly controlled temperatures between +2 °C and +8 °C. The internal temperature is maintained for 1½ hours at +30 °C and more than 2½ hours at +20 °C.

This pouch, which can be reused over one hundred times, was awarded the Certicold Pharma label in June 2014! There are more details in our newsletter.

You may also see this insulated pouch at the 4th Conference on the Cold Chain for Health Products seminar, to be held on the 26th and 27th November in Lyons.

Discussion with Gérald Cavalier, Chairman of Cemafroid

Cemafroid is an independent certification body, with expertise in the cold chain. Read the full interview with Gérald Cavalier in our newsletter. He explains the various stages required in order to obtain a certification label: 

  • Tests and trials in accordance with the requirements of the set of specifications (defined in advance by the Label Committee);
  • Certification application file;
  • Conformity checks;
  • Audit within the company;
  • Inspections in the Cemafroid laboratories of products selected from the production line.

The certification label is only awarded when all these stages have been successfully completed.

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