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Sofrigam launches iCold and makes its partnership with Coldway official at the SITL trade show in Paris

07 March 2017

SITL is an international convention dedicated to transport and logistics. It will be held on 14,15 and 16 March in Paris. Sofrigam will take this opportunity to present iCold, a semi-active insulated container with unique technology which transports products at a controlled temperature of between 0°C and +15°C with no external power source. This insulated packaging solution has been developed in partnership with Coldway. 

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Coldway, a cutting-edge cold production technology

Coldway is a French company specialised in the production of cold using thermochemical processes using a natural refrigerant. This innovative technology originating from CNRS (French National Centre of Scientific Research) technology is based on the storage and use of energy on demand, regardless of the desired power.

The process relies on a basic principle: producing cold from a chemical reaction between ammonia and salts, contained in a reactor and an evaporator. The system is made up of three elements: a reactor which contains the reactive material (salts and graphite), an evaporator which contains liquid ammonia and a connection valve between both tanks. On opening the valve, the ammonia vaporizes inside the evaporator and produces cold. This production of cold can occur at anytime and anywhere, with no need for a power source

cold chain equipment, insulated packaging solution, temperature-controlled transportation

The originality of this internationally patented invention lies in an autonomous process: it operates on a clean, thermo-chemical reaction, with no consumables and above all, without the continuous use of external power. Energy efficient, it allows for the transportation and storage of heat-sensitive products at a selected and controlled temperature, within a timeframe of 12 to 48 hours.

Sofrigam has joined forces with Coldway to combine this highly advanced technology with a Sofrigam reusable insulated container to transport products via the cold chain in perfect autonomy.

Storage, transport: the iCold container guarantees temperature control and traceability 

The cutting-edge Coldway technology has been combined with a Sofrigam reusable insulated container to create iCold, a semi-active container for the transport or storage of products at a controlled-temperature.

The iCold packaging solution stores or transports products at a defined temperature of between 0°C and +15°C (plus or minus 2°C), with no external power source.

insulated shipping container, cold chain transportation, temperature-controlled logistics

iCold refrigerated container

Energy efficient and completely autonomous for up to 48 hours, iCold is an extremely suitable solution for:

  • Professionals in the medical sector (analysis laboratories, clinics, hospitals) for storage or transportation of heat-sensitive medicines via the cold chain in complete safety.

  • Professionals in the food industry (restaurant industry, caterers) for transportation of fresh products and their temperature-controlled onsite storage.

  • Professionals in logistics and transportation to offer a reliable, autonomous and energy efficient temperature-controlled transport solution.

iCold is equipped with a real time temperature display system and a high performance traceability system. It records the internal temperature of the chamber in real time during transportation and detects if the door is opened. As such, security is guaranteed.

iCold, is a simple insulated packaging solution which can be used almost immediately and offers autonomy, efficiency and traceability. The process of cold creation within the container is constant and can be regenerated over and over.

Reliable, durable and economical, iCold is an insulated packaging solution which responds brilliantly to the challenges of controlling temperatures and the traceability of the cold chain.

Come and join us and discover iCold at our stand L81 at the SITL trade show from 14 to 16 March! 

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