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Sofrigam choose ModusLink as warehousing partner for its insulated shipping containers

02 August 2012

Sofrigam has made an agreement with ModusLink to provide a key warehousing, fulfillment and transportation services for Sofrigam’s world-class pharmaceutical cold chain packaging products. ModusLink will help Sofrigam position their refrigerant packaging closer to key customer sites and manage more frequent inventory call offs in line with customer demand.

30 warehouse and fulfillment sites for Sofrigam insulated boxes in 15 countries

Global leader in biopharmaceutical cold chain packaging Sofrigam will rely on ModusLink for critical materials hubbing and fulfillment services.

 Sofrigam designs and manufactures secure cold chain packaging solutions for biopharmaceutical manufacturers, with an added focus on payload efficiency and ease of use. Refrigerant containers and packaging materials are manufactured and tested to ISO quality standards in Sofrigam’s facilities in Europe and North America. Sofrigam has selected ModusLink as its global distribution and fulfillment partner to strategically position materials closer to customer operations, improving response time and reducing their customers’ inventory levels.

“ModusLink provides Sofrigam with immediate access to thirty warehouse and fulfillment sites in fifteen countries and will act as a virtual extension of our operations,” said Christopher Day, vice president, North America, Sofrigam.

A highly reliable supply chain to manage complex international cold chain logisticsModusLink will provide global materials positioning and fulfillment services for Sofrigam, leader in cold chain packaging for the biopharmaceutical industry.

 “Sofrigam needed a highly reliable supply chain provider to manage complex international distribution and logistics for their pharmaceutical customers,” said Thomas Nightingale, president, sales and marketing, ModusLink. “Our worldwide operations network is unified with a strong systems infrastructure and Lean Sigma-based operations that ensure the consistency and efficiency of our distribution services and is a perfect match for Sofrigam and other clients looking to expand their business globally.”

 Through its network of carriers, ModusLink delivers to 140 countries from 30 solution centers worldwide, all connected by a single technology infrastructure.

 “In our industry, value is added through sophisticated design and manufacturing. Global distribution is a must, but it doesn't make economic sense for us to do it ourselves » said Christopher Day.

This partnership will give Sofrigam flexibility to position insulated shipping containers inventory to best serve their customers throughout the world and will quickly enable the global expansion of its business as the market for temperature-sensitive shipping materials continues to grow.

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