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Sofrigam and Cemafroid at the International Congress of Refrigeration in Japan

12 August 2015

The International Congress of Refrigeration will be held from 16 to 22 August in Yokohama, Japan. The main emphasis of this 24th event of the series is on improving quality of life and protecting the planet. Members of staff from Sofrigam and Cemafroid will be there to greet you on Stand 13!

Refrigeration, refrigeration equipment, insulated shipping packaging solutions for transporting products via the cold chain

The International Congress of Refrigeration – what is it?

The International Congress of Refrigeration is a coming together of all those involved in the refrigeration business in order to discuss technical subjects, such as:

  • cryogenics
  • gas treatment
  • thermodynamics
  • refrigeration equipment and systems
  • transport and warehousing
  • biology and food engineering
  • air conditioning
  • heat pumps
  • heat recovery

It is organised every four years by the International Institute of Refrigeration. This independent intergovernmental organisation is working to promote progress and to disseminate knowledge about refrigeration technology and all its applications. It is responding to all the current major challenges, including the safety of foodstuffs, environmental protection (limiting global warming, protection of the ozone layer) and the development of the poorest countries (food, health).

The Cemafroid/Sofrigam exhibition stand: come and see us on Stand 13

Cemafroid and Sofrigam are getting together at this event to create awareness of their skills in Japan. Cemafroid is an independent certification centre for refrigeration products. We have collaborated with them for a number of years, particularly in connection with projects for the certification of Sofrigam insulated packaging solutions. Certicold Pharma is the leading label in France and Europe, attesting to the quality of cold chain equipment used for transporting healthcare products and developed by Cemafroid. Our packaging solutions in the Nomad product range were recently awarded this label.

The iBox takes pride of place at the International Congress of Refrigeration

Insulated container for pharmaceutical products, temperature-controlled transport, transport of biotechnological products

The flagship product exhibited by Sofrigam at this congress is the iBox. High-tech, durable and inexpensive, this container features sophisticated technology: it is immune to temperature fluctuations!

It is the ideal insulated container for transporting highly sensitive pharmaceutical products, with a lower environmental impact and reduced logistical costs! In brief:

  • It incorporates a system of self-regulation of the internal temperature and it is equipped with temperature recorders.
  • It consists of a very robust outer enclosure and highly efficient and durable insulating materials.
  • It is guaranteed suitable for re-use more than 100 times (or 3 years).
  • At the end of its useful life, nothing is discarded; (virtually) the entire container is recycled or recovered: 65% of the materials are re-used in a new container, 30% are recycled and 5% are sent to landfill.

In 2011, its manufacturer – our American business partner Intelligent Thermal Solutions – was awarded two ‘Greener Packaging Awards for 2011’ in the categories ‘Environmental Impact’ and ‘Innovator of the Year’. A new, even more efficient version will be introduced before the end of 2015!

We look forward to meeting you at the International Congress of Refrigeration in order to tell you more and to show you our other insulated packaging solutions that guarantee compliance with the cold chain!

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