Gel packs used to maintain cold temperatures

Snowgam is a range of cooling gel packs designed for use at different temperature ranges.

Cold storage mediums are used to maintain cold temperatures in your insulated packaging and boxes. The packs release their cold slowly, thus extending the conservation period.

Snowgam gel packs

Gel packs can be reused, recycled and are compatible with all transportation systems. Eutectic gels contain no gas : they are cleared for air transportation.

Eutectic gels are non-sensitizing, non-toxic and non-mutagenous. They can be supplied separately or with refrigerated boxes. If your products have to be kept chilled or frozen : we have 3 types of eutectic packs. They are available in different sizes and as flexible or customised units.

Our range of rigid gel packs

  • The blue eutectic gel is for use with products between +2/+8°C and+2/+25°C
  • The pink eutectic gel is for use with products that have to be stored at temperatures of down to -18°C.
  • The white eutectic gel is used for products stored at temperatures of between -15 and -5°C.

    Gel packs have been approved for use in contact with foods. When storing products at ambient or cool temperatures or when storing frozen products, just include one or more eutectic packs inside your insulated packaging product.

The flexible gel pack

Flexible eutectic plates
The flexible gel pack is suitable for phase change temperatures, 0°C. The blue eutectic gel guarantees an ideal release of cold for preserving your pharmaceutical or food products. For example, we include a flexible eutectic pack with our refrigerated pouches.

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