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Reusable packaging: from low-cost to high-tech

24 September 2013

Contrary to popular belief, reusable temperature-controlled packaging is more ecological and less costly. It is an alternative solution to disposal packaging. Sofrigam joined forces with two American partners to produce reusable packaging that meets your different requirements in the pharmaceutical industry.

MedTraveller® is a reusable solution designed for the domestic market.

MedTraveller, a reusable temperature-controlled box

Sofrigam joined forces with the company Coldkeeper and has launched MedTraveller® on the market. Instead of insulating panels, MedTraveller® is made of an aluminium-coated polyurethane foam pocket. This insulating pocket guarantees 24 hours of protection. Washed and disinfected after each use, it is in then ready for other shipments. Simple and easy!

The aluminium-coated pocket is an integral part of an exterior outer packaging made of cardboard. Gel packs can also be used if additional cooling is required. The flexible and light weight materials provide for easy storage and low-cost shipping. MedTraveller® is an economical reusable insulated shipping solution.

iBox®: high-tech temperature-controlled packaging


New to Sofrigam's range, a genuine concentration of technology born of its partnership with ITS, Intelligent Thermal Solutions. The iBox® is a semi-active intelligent temperature-controlled container; it is fitted with a temperature regulation device inside the packaging itself, functioning in phase with outside temperature changes. Products are kept at a constant temperature between +2°C and +8°C. The very high performance VIP (Vacuum Insulated Panel) guarantees product protection for up to 5 days.

Very robust and easy to use, the iBox® can be reused for over 3 years. At the end of its lifetime, the iBox® materials can be reused, recycled or buried. You can buy the iBox® outright, or choose a weekly hire solution. Ideal for shipping your heat-sensitive products whilst optimising logistics costs and reducing your carbon footprint!

The iBox® patented system won a "R&D 100 Award" and was recognised as innovative packaging by the "Dupont Gold Award".

STP, Sustainable Thermal Packaging: the official retailer of Sofrigam products in America.

Sustainable Thermal PackagingSofrigam and ITS have created the company STP, Sustainable Thermal Packaging. This company retails Sofrigam's cooling and temperature-controlled packaging on the American continent.

Hector Oyarzun, Head of America Sales, will be delighted to provide you further information about Sofrigam products.

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