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A protected medicine is an effective medicine

17 June 2015

Heat-sensitive medicines (vaccines, types of insulin, anti-cancer drugs, etc.) are sometimes sold to patients and taken to their homes without suitable protection. However, their effectiveness is at risk! There is little room for manoeuvre, since a medicine can exceed a temperature threshold of +8 °C in less than 5 minutes; not only that, its effectiveness can be impaired by frost. In either case, it has to be discarded immediately. What is the best way to maintain the cold chain for medicines, even during the shortest journeys?

Choose a suitable insulated packaging solution

Insulated packaging solution, compliance with the cold chain for pharmaceutical products

Choose the best insulated packaging solution

The criteria for choosing the most appropriate insulated packaging solution

Faced with the multitude of cold chain packaging solutions available on the market (pouches, shoulder bags and insulated cooler bags), it is not easy to identify the best way of keeping medicines cool during the journey from the pharmacy to the patient’s home. The factors determining the choice of packaging solution are the storage period and the type of container. It is also necessary to analyse the transport conditions (journey time, ambient temperature, etc.), the volume of product to be transported, the number of times you need to use the solution (some types are reusable), etc.

Look for the label!

The Certicold Pharma label guarantees the quality of equipment used for transporting medicines via the cold chain. It is issued by the Cemafroid certification laboratory. Insulated packaging solutions certified to the Certicold Pharma standard satisfy a precise set of specifications: the performance and reliability of the solutions are carefully screened in order to ensure that medicines are stored in complete safety!

Always ask to see the temperature graph

When you buy the most appropriate insulated packaging solution for your requirements, remember to ask to see the document that shows the temperature graph and attests that the product will maintain the medicines at the correct temperature for the stated period. This is confirmation that your product has been tested and validated by a laboratory responsible for conducting thermal tests.

Igloo: effective protection for journeys from the pharmacy to the patient’s home

Insulated packaging solution for patients, transporting medicines, cold chain for pharmacies

The Igloo cooling pouch

The new Igloo insulated cooling pouch, bearing the Certicold Pharma label, is supplied complete with a cold source. It has been specially designed for storing heat-sensitive medicines at temperatures of between +2 °C and +8 °C. Storing the cooling kits at +5 °C prevents the medicines from freezing.

What is the next step?

  • The pharmacist stores the Igloo kits in his thermostatically-controlled chamber at +5 °C. He prepares the pouch and places the medicine inside it in such a way that there is no need for further handling by the patient.

  • The patient has a maximum period of one hour to return to his home in order to place the pouch in a refrigerated space or to visit the doctor. He is then able to reuse the cooling kit up to 50 times, an essential factor if he is obliged to undergo long-term treatment with medication at regular intervals.

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