A rigid and sturdy icebox for keeping products chilled

The Plasibox is an all purpose icebox that will hold the cold chain for 2 days. Easy to use and to transport, the Plasibox is a range of rigid, robust and reusable iceboxes to transport chilled or frozen products.

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Used with gel packs, the rigid icebox can be used to transport your pharmaceutical, biotechnological or food products that must absolutely remain chilled or frozen.

Plasibox cooling plastic boxThe Plasibox is constructed of rigid high density polyurethane panels (λ = 0.025 W/m.K, density 32 kg/m3), a strategic coating, and is supplied with a plastic case. With its excellent overall coefficient of heat transfer K and its ability to withstand mechanical impact, the Plasibox rigid icebox safeguards your transportation of medicines or other temperature sensitive products.

You can use a Plasibox insulated box for short term transportation (maximum of 48 hours).

Reusable and washable, the Plasibox is easy to handle particularly because of its side handles. The Plasibox are stackable, and we can set up a system of inviolability on your rigid icebox. Additionally, we can fit your cold chain box with a tamper-proof system.

Plastic icebox Plasibox

Cold chain packaging, icebox

Rigid icebox Plasibox


  • Protect your cold chain products up to 48 hours

  • A rigid, robust, reusable icebox

  • Easy to handle, stackable and inviolable

Technical Specifications

Duration: up to 48 hours

Temperature: +2/+8°C, +15/+25°C, -5°C

Capacity: 30L, 45L, 104L

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