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The ‘Pharm Connect’ pharmaceuticals conference, 25 to 26 February 2015, Budapest, Hungary

18 February 2015

Pharm Connect Congress for pharmaceutical and biotechnological industries, cold chain equipment, insulated shipping solutions.This two-day conference will act as host to some 500 exhibitors from the four corners of Europe. This event will be attended by manufacturers in the pharmaceuticals and biotechnology sectors in Eastern Europe and by service providers in the same sectors. Laboratory equipment, quality control, systems for the storage and distribution of medicines, manufacturers of equipment used in the production and delivery of medicines will be in attendance. The topic for this year is the optimisation of costs.

Transport via the cold chain: beware of the hidden costs!

The costs involved in the temperature-controlled transport of medicines are not confined to the purchase of insulated packaging solutions. It is important to take due account of every aspect of the logistical costs and to pay particular attention to:

  • The weight/volume ratio: the weight of the insulated packaging solution used has a significant effect on transport costs.

  • The reuse factor: a reusable container is more expensive to buy. Are the transport costs incurred by returning the container a viable proposition compared with a ‘one-shot’ solution?

  • Efficiency: are the costs saved by using a solution whose efficiency is not qualified balanced by the risk involved in exposing the transported products to an interruption of the cold chain?

The cost of the insulated packaging solution is only a minor factor in the total supply chain of the medicine; however, the insulated packaging solution has a decisive role to play in safeguarding the transportation of products. This is why it is of the utmost importance to choose an effective and intelligent solution that will be of benefit to your overall logistical costs.

Sofrigam insulated solutions: optimise your logistical costs!

Optimising the logistical costs of cold chain transport, cold chain logistics, TCO optimisation.

The specific aim of the two new insulated packaging solutions introduced by Sofrigam at the beginning of this year is to minimise overall logistical costs.

The XXL Pallet Shipper, supplied in flat-pack form, is a real made-to-measure logistical tool for reducing the TCO (Total Cost of Ownership). Transport costs are reduced – 2 to 3 times as many Pallet Shippers can be carried, depending on the mode of transport – and the container is capable of transporting a large number of heat-sensitive products in complete safety.

Sofrigam has reappraised its Sofribox insulated containers: apart from the design, with identical external volumes, the containers offer a greater payload, they are lighter in weight and they are easier and faster to prepare.

New products to discover at the Pharm Connect Congress fair trade on 25 and 26 February

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