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Packaging recycling

What can you do with your packaging after you have finished using it? Where can you store it?

How can you recycle it? Sofrigam helps you to reduce your carbon footprint and supports you in your environment approach.

Reducing your carbon footprint


Our approach has always focused on the environment aspect. Our priority consists in designing quality products while being as environmentally friendly as possible. Are you also aware of these issues? Managing the impact you make on the environment is quantified when you choose your coolant packaging up until it is recycled.

On your behalf, we will produce a comprehensive carbon balance for your cold chain logistics based on your choice and use of coolant packaging; we will carry out an analysis and the recommend the best recycling solution for your case. This will drastically reduce your carbon footprint.

Reusing or recycling your packaging: the target is 100% reuse

cible-grd-2After use, your packaging piles up in your warehouses and takes up space. Whether you are a logistician, distributor or manufacturer, you will be faced with this dilemma. We have put in place a support program on how to manage the recycling or reuse of your packaging.

We can give some components a second life when these are selected on the grounds of their suitability for reuse or recycling :

  • Polyurethane sheets can be used to produce energy or as insulation in buildings: polyurethane has a 20-year life.
  • Coolant gel packs : when they reach the end of their life, they are processed in centres that can reuse them to produce energy (Technical Landfill Site or incinerator).
  • Cardboard is one of the materials that has the best developed recycling system. Moreover, some of our boxes can be reused.

The plastic used in the design of our cooler boxes such as the Plasibox can be reused 5 or more times.

We collect and recycle your packaging. We provide you with support in managing your packaging in order to put it to another use : an approach that is essential nowadays.

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Recovery of boxes

Within the framework of its ecological approach and its efforts to reduce the impact on the environment, Sofrigam has set up a system for its clients in the USA and Canada for recovery of pallet shippers (large boxes) after use.

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