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Which packaging to correctly preserve insulin?

29 July 2013

It is imperative that insulin be maintained at between +2°C and +8°C. This issue impacts over 350 million diabetics in the world. How can the cold chain be complied with from the laboratory to the patient's home?

Insulin transport to dispensing chemists and pharmacies

conservation insulineSeveral lines of insulated packaging are adapted to insulin transport, from the laboratory to the distributors or the dispensing chemists, to avoid any breaks in the cold chain:

This packaging can be used with or without a cold source. There are different models to adapt to the volume to be transported and the travelling time. Contact us directly to define the most suitable solution for your logistical constraints.

A bag or an insulated pouch for patients

Gamme-Patient_WebThe Nomad® packaging range is perfectly suited to the transport by patients of vaccines or heat sensitive treatments. They can transport their insulin in a pouch or in a vaccine cooler bag, from the dispensing chemist to their home, or if they are travelling. Insulin can be kept for up to 2 hours using the Slim pouch, and up to 16 hours using the Thermotrousse (cooling bag). This packaging is reusable: it just requires disinfecting after use.

Adding gel packs inside the packaging may be required, especially if the insulin has already been prepared in an injector pen, or if it is very hot weather. The objective is to avoid temperature variations to guarantee the effectiveness of the treatment. Freezing insulin should, however, be avoided. To achieve this, the patient can keep the gel pack in the refrigerator before use. Flat gel packs can be placed inside heat insulated pouches if they are not in direct contact with the product.

The stakes are high, as it only needs two minutes at room temperature for a heat sensitive treatment to reach a temperature in excess of +8°C without it necessarily being detectable on the product. Insulated or refrigerated packaging is essential to conserve the treatment properties of insulin.

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