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environmental approach

Cold chain compliance is our business, the environment, one of our priorities

Since 2007, Sofrigam has been deploying an environment-friendliness approach throughout the insulated box design and production phases. Up and downstream from design, our environmental approach specifically involves the choice of materials and providing our clients with support in managing their logistics and even recycling packaging products.


The eco balance and the carbon balance:

We have commissioned PriceWaterHouseCoopers to produce a carbon balance for our sites so that we can identify the  main units emitting greenhouse effect gases. From raw materials to the disposal of a packaging product, we identify the stages that create the greatest impact on the environment so that we can focus our efforts on them and achieve a sustainable reduction of our carbon footprint. We also called upon an independent partnership (Enviro Conseil) to undertake an environmental study: this study has established that our packaging manufacturing process makes very little impact on the environment. It does not use water and does not discharge any gas into the open air.



We have opted for polyurethane panels for the design of our insulated and refrigerated packaging products. In accordance with European regulations, polyurethane sheets are CFC and HCFC free. Since 2003, we have used pentane as the expanding product when manufacturing our panels. Polyurethane is an extremely efficient insulated material and has an insulation coefficient that is 35% better than expanded polystyrene having the same density. With polyurethane, overall consignment costs and the carbon footprint are reduced. Thanks to its temperature performance, you can use non-refrigerated lorries that generate less pollution for transporting your pharmaceutical, biotechnological or food products.


Eco-friendly design

Reducing the quantities of materials at the product design stage and thus limiting the impact we make on the environment. Customised packaging design helps us to achieve this objective. We optimise our production and our blanking in order to achieve the precise packaging product size without wastage: that is eco-friendly design.



We ensure that our products do not make a negative impact on our planet: we are committed to giving them a second life. The reuse or recycling of polyurethane and waste is one way of preserving our environment. We also offer you a packaging recycling service. Our suppliers are also committed to recycling or to reusing waste for generating power.

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Recovery of boxes

Within the framework of its ecological approach and its efforts to reduce the impact on the environment, Sofrigam has set up a system for its clients in the USA and Canada for recovery of pallet shippers (large boxes) after use.

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