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Your customised ordering portal

Stay connected with us for better logistics management.

For an easier ordering procedure : we provide you with a customised portal, accessible via the Internet, for placing your orders .

Simplify your ordering procedure


Connect using a login and a password and then place your order in 3 easy steps :

  • Select the reference for the packaging item you wish to order,
  • Specify the number of packaging items we have to deliver to you,
  • Choose the date and time for receiving your delivery.

From your ordering portal, your actions are totally secure. We check and confirm the orders that you have placed via your portal. You will instantly be provided with delivery dockets and certificates of conformity. It just takes one click to let us know that the products ordered have arrived safely. And with the order history, you will not lose any more time: at a glance, you will see what you ordered the last time and you can quickly adjust quantities, change the packaging type or repeat the same order.

Rationalise your costs


The ordering portal automatically optimises your transportation costs. For instance, it will calculate the number of pallets required to completely fill a lorry. In this way, you will know precisely what you need to order so that you can control your costs and your cold logistics.

Transportation that is not optimised will create added costs. With our ordering portal, there is no wasted space: you carry more, cost effectively.

With your customised ordering portal, ordering your insulated or refrigerated packaging products becomes child’s play. So does your logistics management.

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Our sales engineers are at your disposal to help you to optimise your cold chain logistics.

Products Case studies

Harmonisation of references

A major pharmaceutical laboratory was seeking to harmonise the references of refrigerated boxes used by its different sites all over the world for varying products and varying purposes.

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