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12 August 2014

In 2004, Sofrigam set up its own online shop, the ColdShop. Initially intended for professional users, since 2009 it has also been open to the general public. The principal aim of the site is to familiarise healthcare professionals and patients with compliance with the cold chain for medicinal products and to provide easy access to the Sofrigam range of cold chain shipping systems.

The ColdShop is Sofrigam’s insulated packaging solutions online shop for healthcare professionals and private users.

A wide range of insulated packaging solutions

The ColdShop offers insulated packaging solutions in various sizes and for a variety of uses: from Nomad flexible shoulder bags for carrying medicinal products and vaccines (2-litre capacity) to rigid cooler bags (capacity 45 litres) or cooling boxes for transporting pharmaceutical products or foodstuffs (capacity 98 litres).

To improve security while transporting healthcare products, our online shop features various accessory products, including:

The products on sale are constantly changing, so we are always able to offer the most efficient solutions.

Insulated packaging solutions for everyone

Sofrigam has developed insulated packaging solutions for patients who carry vaccines, insulin products or anti-cancer treatments.

When it was first set up, the ColdShop was reserved for use by healthcare professionals, but now it is accessible to everyone. In fact, even though 95% of Sofrigam clients are laboratories, hospitals or pharmacies, our products are also aimed at patients who need efficient solutions for storing or carrying their heat-sensitive medical treatments.

A practical and intuitive solution

Take advantage of some of the benefits at the ColdShop:

  • An intuitive search system: with no complications, choose the most suitable cold chain thermal packaging solution for your needs. Simply state the dimensions of the product to be transported, the required temperature range and the storage period!
  • Personalised customer support: you can get in direct touch with the Sofrigam customer support team, either using the chat line or by telephone. Our teams will be happy to advise you during the purchasing process. Don’t hesitate!
  • No restrictions on purchases: you can choose between different payment methods and there is no minimum quantity.  

Don’t delay, visit the ColdShop to order your cooler bags, pouches and cooling boxes!

If our temperature-controlled packaging solutions do not fully satisfy your needs and your dispatch or storage requirements, our cold chain experts can offer you modified and specially-designed  products.

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