Olivo insulated tubs

The ultra rigid reusable cold chain shipping containers

Transport your heat sensitive products under high protection for up to 24 hours using Olivo insulated shipping packaging range.

Rigid containers that meet the most demanding requirements

Olivo manufactures heat insulated containers for over 30 years. Olivo is now a Sofrigam partner to bring you a line of very robust rigid insulated shipping containers.


Reliable and easy to use, these rigid plastic cold chain shipping pallets are the ideal solution to secure the transport of heat sensitive products for less than a day in non refrigerated vehicles. 

The distribution of heat sensitive products is a delicate phase in transport: handling, repeated stops, repeated opening of the vehicle doors... An Olivo insulated shipping container is a very flexible solution adapted to all logistics to bring significant temperature safety for the cold chain.


Supplied with gel packs, the Olivo insulated boxes make it possible to provide the cooling required to maintain the temperature for up to 24 hours. They can be reused a high number of times.

The Olivo cold chain pallets are perfectly adapted to the food industry for bulk or packed products, the technical industries for sensitive or very low temperature products (solid dry ice, deep frozen adhesives, etc.), and the health sector for the collection or distribution of small loads at controlled temperatures (samples, blood based products, insulin, vaccines, etc.).

Two types of insulated shipping packing 

The Olivo cold chain packaging range
has 2 types of containers: 

• Heat insulated trays, very practical for storage, 
Heat insulated rolls, roller mounted containers which are easy to handle.


Fitted with side handles for easy handling, Olivo heat insulated boxes slide easily into any ordinary vehicle. They can be stacked and can be fitted with wheels on request

This packing comes from the new single block rotomoulded polyethylene technology, composed of polyurethane foam and a washable inner coating (using alcohol, bleached water or any other disinfectant).

The heat insulated trays and rolls have been qualified under the
AFNOR NF S99-700 standard by our partner the Ater Métrologie temperature testing lab, for the transport of pharmaceutical products at +2/+8°C .


  • Ideal for short duration transport (24 hours) using pharmaceutical or food transport vehicles

  • Highly robust and easy to use

  • Washable and reusable for years

Technical Specifications

Duration: up to 24 hours
Temperature ranges: +2/+8°C, 0°C/+4°C, -18°C
Volumes: from 55L to 130L
Insulation: polyurethane foam
External covering: rotomoulded polyethylene
Cold Source: gel packs
Qualification : insulated packaging tested and pre-qualified by Ater Métrologie thermal testing lab under the AFNOR NF S99-700 standard.


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