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New patented locking system for insulated shipping packaging

22 March 2013

Lock: secure locking and sealing of insulated shipping systems

High Performance insulated Shipping System with a lock for a safe transport of heat sensitive pharmaceuticalsPharmaceutical labs are faced with a number of problems when shipping heat-sensitive products in passive packages at controlled temperatures. Security, productivity and temperature-control are just some of the essential criteria in the correct management of cold chain logistics to ensure correct preservation of their heat-sensitive medication.

Locking system, temperature maintenance, pharmaceutical biotech insulated packaging

Sofrigam is continuing with its development and innovation strategy with the creation of a new concept which is the result of 2 years of research by its engineering team: a lock for refrigerant packaging.

Secure and tamper-proof, they provide complete security for the contents of the package as well as traceability for the duration of the trip. Quick and easy to install, they speed up package preparation time by up to 50% compared to closure using straps. The lock helps to maintain temperature by sealing the package tightly.

The patented locking system meets all the quality requirements and logistical constraints of pharmaceutical laboratories to provide them with a quick and secure locking system which optimizes loading and provides complete security during transport.

Discover Sofrigam locking system for our insulated packaging solutions :

Locking system, isothermal pharmaceutical packaging, temperature packaging solutions

Comparison between 2 closing systems (straps and our patented locking system) for Sofrigam cold chain shipping containers :

Locking system vs straps, insulated shippers, temperature sensitive pharmaceuticals packaging shipping

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