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The cold chain is vulnerable, especially when products are being transported.

In the agri-food and medical fields, the logistician has to meet special demands in terms of safety, responsibility, punctuality and reliability.


Safety and prolonged transit times: refrigerated packaging adapted to your constraints

Developed by our engineers in order to meet the requirements detailed in your specifications, the Sofribox® refrigerated packaging combines robustness and safety with technical performance. By sea or by road, temperature sensitive product transportation cold chain compliance is assured. The Sofribox® withstands thermal shock and, with its 96 hour autonomy, can cover extensive geographic zones


Cold chain training: for an enhanced competitive edge

Knowing how to manage the cold chain is a sensitive issue because requirements in terms of temperature range, volume, safety and levels of responsibility are specific to each type of product or area of business. Develop your skills to better meet your clients’ requirements: our experts will train you in the methods used to prepare and use our products and in cold chain procedures .


Customised refrigerated packaging: each logistician has his solution

Depending on your industry and on your type of logistics scheme, you will have different expectations of your refrigerated solutions. Sofrigam designs and manufactures refrigerated packaging for you that is adapted to meet your needs. Our customised solutions are tested and qualified: you will benefit from efficient packaging that integrates perfectly into your processes.

You are:



precision and anticipation



responsibility and cost control


Wholesaler Dispatcher Distributor

for the distributor, reliability has to be a priority