Initial flexible cooling bags

Transport your heat-sensitive products for up to 24 hours

Initial Bag: these flexible insulated and cooling bags are designed to facilitate the transportation of pharmaceutical, biotechnology and cosmetic products on short journeys. Practical and very easy to use, they are the ideal insulated packaging solution to preserve the integrity of sensitive products at the best price.

transportation cooling bags for pharmaceuticals, vaccines, insulin

The best quality/price ratio

The Initial flexible insulated bags have been designed in strict collaboration with pharmacists. They provide effective protection for products that must be kept between +2°C and +8°C. Their guaranteed 24-hour storage period allows you to secure the transportation of heat-sensitive products on short journeys. Available in a variety of volumes from 2 L to 40 L, you will have no problem finding the ideal model to transport your products at the best price.

Very simple preparation

icebox, cold chain of medicines, pharmaceutical cold chain

Ease of preparation and use

The internal fittings help with the preparation of the packaging solution. The removable partitions avoid any risk of the products freezing. Preparation is quick and easy: no stabilization of the gel packs is required.

Equipped with document holders and a zip fastening which can be secured, every attempt has been made to facilitate and secure the transportation of your products.

The Sofrigam quality guarantee

The insulated bags in the Initial range are made from polyurethane foam (the most advanced insulating material), nylon and PVC. You can easily disinfect the inside and clean the external fabric.
Highly resistant, they can be reused over and over again.

Certified in accordance with the AFNOR NF S99-700 standard (profiles a, c, d), the 'Initial' cooling bags have been tested and certified by the Ater Métrologie temperature testing laboratory. They ensure the stability of the temperature over the specified duration.


  • Maintains a constant temperature for up to 24 hours

  • Easy to use

  • Washable and reusable bags

Technical specifications

Temperature ranges: +2/+8°C
up to 24 hours
Available volumes:
2 L, 4 L, 12 L, 20 L, 40 L
polyurethane foam
External covering
: washable nylon fabric
Internal covering
Cold source
: gel packs
: AFNOR NF S99-700 (profiles a, c, d)

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