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“Just in time” delivery

A major pharmaceutical laboratory wanted to externalise the management of its stocks of refrigerated boxes used to ship heat sensitive products with a “Just in time” service.


  • Reducing the storage space in their warehouse
  • Externalising the management of its stocks and the responsibility this involves
  • Receiving, according to need, the desired reference in sufficient quantity and at the chosen time
  • Simplifying the process


  • Management of stocks for 3 references of box and for the cold accumulators
  • Delivery on demand of the products requested in sufficient quantity and at the required time, in accordance with the “Just in time” principle
  • Providing a minimum stock making it possible to avoid any risk of stockout whatever the demand
  • Respect for delivery times


Sofrigam set up a “Just in time” delivery procedure making it possible to meet this laboratory’s requirements.  The stock for all references is reconstituted within 24 hours so as to replace the products delivered and guarantee stability of the minimum required stock.

2 types of delivery are provided :

  • Next day delivery : Sofrigam receives the delivery schedule for the next day before 15:00, indicating the references, the quantities and the times.  Deliveries may be made between 06:30 and 20:00, with respect for the time requested for each delivery to ±30 minutes.
  • Same day 4 hour delivery : Calls for this urgent procedure are made before 13:30 for all products in stock.  The delivery time requested is respected to ±30 minutes.

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