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International Express Transport

Sofrigam developed a range of refrigerated boxes with an autonomy of 96 hours for one of the pioneers of international express transport.


  • Transport chilled and frozen products with variable volumes, without using carbonic snow.
  • Economise on space and optimise the load rates in the shipments
  • Simplify the procedures and the operative methods of us

Cahier des charges

  • Varying products
  • 2 temperature ranges: +2/+8°C and below -18°C
  • Duration: 96 hours
  • Variable temperature profile
  • On-line ordering service

Solution Sofrigam


The range comprised 5 boxes for chilled products (+2/+8°C) and 3 boxes for frozen products (below -18°C).  These refrigerated packagings have been designed to transport products (chilled or frozen) with strict respect for the cold chain for up to 96 hours.

Each reference comprised an isothermal box in polyurethane panels, cardboard overwrapping and “Rigid Snowgam” eutectic briquettes.


These solutions were tested by the metrology laboratory.Ces solutions sont testées par le laboratoire de métrologie


Contrôle qualité

Chaque étape de la production des solutions est contrôlée par un service d’expertise afin de garantir un niveau de qualité à la hauteur des exigences de nos clients.

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Services Case Studies

Delivery of frozen accumulators

Some clients in the USA and Canada wanted to receive ready-to-use cold accumulators in order to insert them directly into the boxes. 

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