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Insulated packaging solutions to reduce your TCO can be discovered at the Cold Chain Global Forum, 28/29 September, Boston

30 August 2016

A leading expert on the cold chain for pharmaceutical products, Sofrigam is a partner of the Cold Chain Global Forum trade fair in Boston. It is the chance for the manufacturer of insulated packaging solutions to present its new range of products. High-tech, customizable or ready-to-ship packaging solutions, choose cost control!

Priority: maintaining constant temperatures

pharmaceutical cold chain, temperature control, temperature-controlled packaging

Sofrigam has been designing and manufacturing insulated packaging solutions for nearly 40 years. Sofrigam’s high-tech packaging solutions are designed for the transportation of very sensitive products such as pharmaceutical, biotechnological, chemical or even cosmetic products.

A European leader of temperature-controlled packaging, Sofrigam is an expert in refrigeration. Its team of engineers designs packaging solutions which are able to respond to the most complex specifications with the guarantee of maintaining constant temperatures throughout the journey. Every packaging solution developed by Sofrigam is tested and qualified by Ater Métrologie thermal testing laboratory. The packaging solutions are subject to real transport conditions. The test graphs provide evidence of constant temperatures being maintained over the required duration.

Commitment: optimize your shipments

All of Sofrigam’s insulated packaging solutions are designed in accordance with the 3M policy:

  • Maximize the payload of packaging solutions
  • Minimize their weight
  • Minimize the preparation time of packaging solutions

This design method guarantees a significant reduction in the TCO (Total Cost of Ownership): at the design stage, we don’t just take into account the parameters of temperature, duration and volume of the packaging unit but all of the logistical costs of the product in order to optimize the insulated packaging solution to reduce the costs across the whole logistics chain.

Discover our new insulated packaging solutions at the Cold Chain Global Forum in Boston, on 28 and 29 September

pharmaceutical logistics, temperature-controlled transportation, pharmaceutical cold chain

The Cold Chain Global Forum is the most important trade fair dedicated to the logistics of pharmaceutical products via the cold chain in the United States.

We welcome you to stand No 316 to present you with our new insulated packaging ranges: turn-key insulated packaging solutions, delivered ready-to-ship, and customized according to your needs!

Insulated boxes, refrigerated bags, and even a high-tech packaging solution with on-board electronics will be presented on our stand. Come and meet our American team!

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