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insulated and cooling packaging solutions

Sofrigam’s insulated and refrigerated packaging solutions respond to the most demanding needs of biotechnology specialists and pharmaceutical and chemical industries. They respond to the logistical and regulatory constraints for the transportation of pharmaceutical products via the cold chain and guarantee a constant temperature, whatever the transport conditions.

cold chain logistics, pharmaceutical cooling packaging, transport of medicines

Modular insulated packaging solutions ready to ship in 24, 48 or 96 hours sized to optimize the transportation of pharmaceutical products by air, road or sea subject to profiles a, c, and d of the French Industrial Standards Authority (AFNOR).


 Initial pallet shippers

 Initial parcel shippers

 Initial cooling bags

reusable temperature control packaging, pharmaceutical cold chain, insulated parcel shippers

Performance, stability and durability for these temperature-controlled packaging solutions which keep your products at +5°C for up to 168 hours, even in extreme conditions, with a unique method of preparation.


Elite Cubic parcel shippers

semi-active cold chain shipping packaging boxes

A semi-active cold chain shipping box with a patented temperature regulation system and traceability of the temperature during transportation.

iBox cold chain shipping container

SofrigamManager Software

transport of clinical trials, pharmaceutical cold chain, temperature-controlled packaging solution

A UN3373 cold chain packaging specifically designed to protect your clinical trials and diagnostic specimens.

 Clinibox insulated packaging

insulated packaging solutions, transport of pharmaceuticals, cold chain

Rigid, robust and reusable insulated packaging solutions for the domestic transport of heat sensitive products for up to 48 hours.

Olivo insulated container
Plasibox icebox
Textibox icebox


Cooling pouch to transport medicines from the pharmacy to the patient's home.

A cooling pouch designed to protect medicines (vaccines, insulin, ...) from the pharmacy to the patient's home.

IGLOO insulated pouch

temperature recorder, data logger, cold chain

Single-use or reusable, the data loggers ensure the maintenance of the cold chain in the packaging.

Trivia temperature recorders

SofrigamManager Software

Flexible or rigid, high-performance eutectic plates for your insulated shipping packaging.

Snowgam gel packs

Sofrigam designs its insulated shipping packaging solutions in accordance with its 3M policy to optimize the management of your logistical costs by:

  • Maximizing the volume of shipped products,
  • Minimizing the weight of packaging to reduce the transport costs
  • Minimizing preparation time

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precision and anticipation



responsibility and cost control


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