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An innovation from Sofrigam: the flat-packed XXL Pallet Shipper

22 December 2014

You will already be familiar with the first XXL Pallet Shipper, launched in 2012 and designed to fit air freight platforms. In 2015, we will be introducing a collapsible XXL Pallet Shipper! This insulated shipping packaging solution satisfies all the requirements of pharmaceutical laboratories!

The insulated Pallet Shipper, the collapsible cooling box that optimises the costs of cold chain logistics.

The advantages of the collapsible XXL Pallet Shipper

The result of months of research and development, this new cold chain shipping container will be the perfect answer to the demands of cold chain transport. As a packaging solution, it is: 

  • Inexpensive: XXL Pallet Shippers will be supplied in flat pack form, enabling more containers to be delivered in a given consignment while reducing the costs of supplying production sites;

  • Lightweight and compact: because the XXL Pallet Shipper is supplied flat, 3 times as many can be loaded onto a lorry compared with pre-assembled pallet boxes (48 boxes in flat pack form compared with 17 pre-assembled). Twice as many can be carried on an air freight platform (8 flat boxes as against 4 pre-assembled);

  • Robust: this is an essential criterion for an insulated shipper intended for carrying products many miles throughout the world. It may be light in weight, but the Pallet Shipper is solidly constructed;

  • Easy and quick to assemble: this is the only temperature-controlled shipping container on the market that can be assembled by just 1 person in less than 5 minutes;

  • Highly efficient: it is manufactured using one of the most efficient insulating materials (polyurethane) and it is capable of withstanding any interruption to the cold chain for up to 96 hours under conditions defined by AFNOR and for up to 144 hours in conditions defined by ISTA 7E.

The flat-packed pallet box: the solution that lowers the TCO

Large-capacity insulated container, optimisation of the TCO, logistics of temperature-controlled pharmaceutical products

Every day, when dispatching millions of heat-sensitive products around the world, laboratories are confronted by ever-more stringent regulations, increasingly large quantities to be transported, mounting logistical costs, the growing burden of insurance schemes… the list is almost endless!

The TCO (Total Cost of Ownership) is a widely-used indicator for the purchase of insulated packaging solutions. 49% of the companies in the pharmaceuticals industry are endeavouring to reduce the overall costs of cold chain logistics. So the ideal answer is to choose a packaging solution which, while guaranteeing a constant temperature, is also capable of:

  • optimising the volume of products dispatched;
  • reducing transport costs;
  • saving preparation time.

This is an everyday challenge for the manufacturers of insulated packaging solutions! The collapsible XXL Pallet Shipper is the effective response and solution to these requirements.

Come to a sneak preview of the flat-packed XXL Pallet Shipper!

We will be exhibiting at the IQPC Cool Chain Europe trade fair in Frankfurt on 27 and 28 January 2015.

Find out more about our innovation of the year at an advance preview! 

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