'Initial' INSULATED pallet shippers

Optimize your pallet shipments!

Our insulated packaging solutions have been transporting pharmaceutical products for some of the biggest laboratories for nearly 40 years. Optimization of shipments, control of logistical costs, product security: we know all about the challenges you face. The packaging solutions in the Initial range have been designed to respond to pharmaceutical logistical standards (volumes, performance, qualification) to optimize your global logistical costs, while guaranteeing perfect maintenance of a constant temperature.

Pharmaceutical insulated container, insulated pallet shipper, cold chain compliance

'Initial' insulated Pallet Shipper

Transport up to 2,000 litres of products in an insulated container

The pallet shippers have been designed to optimize shipping of your medicines. The 'Initial Box' pallet shippers transport large volumes of heat-sensitive products between +2/+8°C and +15/+25°C by air, road or sea. Your products are kept at a constant temperature for up to 96 hours. The largest containers transport up to 2,000 litres of heat-sensitive products.

Studied volumes to facilitate handling

transport of healthcare products, pharmaceutical logistics

Layout of a large volume insulated pallet shipper (2,000 litres)


The pallet shippers have been designed to simplify handling and optimize transport. The interior fittings help to prepare the packing unit very quickly. The largest format even allows you to insert your pallet of products directly into it without unloading them.

A format designed for logistics

temperature-controlled logistics, transportation of medicines by air, pharmaceutical cold chain

An adapted format to optimize transport

Our insulated pallet shippers have been designed to adapt perfectly to EU and US pallet standards. Since transportation represents a substantial cost of the overall cost of your temperature-controlled logistics, the dimensions of our pallet shippers have been studied to fit different modes of transport: whether by road, sea or air, the external dimensions of the pallet shippers allow them to be stacked for transport by lorry, and adjusted to air-freight pallets.

We even have a flat-packed model which can be assembled in just a few minutes!

And as always, the Sofrigam quality guarantee

The pallet shippers, like all of our insulated packaging solutions, are tested, validated and certified in the Ater Métrologie temperature testing laboratory.

The pallet shippers in the Initial Collection are AFNOR NF S99-700 certified (profiles a, c, d). Designed with high quality materials, they guarantee a constant temperature over the specified duration, and have a high shock resistance.


    • Optimization of large volume shipments
      (up to 2,000 litres)

    • Format adapted to transportation by road, air or sea

    • Studied layouts to facilitate handling


Temperature ranges: +2/+8°C, +15/+25°C
96 hours
Available volumes:
378 L (1/2 EU pallet), 1,067 L (1 EU pallet), 1,933 L, 1,960 L
rigid high-density polyurethane panels
Outer packaging
: corrugated cardboard
Cold source
: gel packs
Opening system
: opens from the top or front
AFNOR NF S99-700 (profiles a, c, d)

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