The IGLOO insulated pouch: protect your medicines

IGLOO is the patented insulated packaging solution for storing heat-sensitive medicines.

In collaboration with healthcare professionals, Sofrigam has developed an insulated packaging solution, bearing the Certicold Pharma* label, in order to safeguard heat-sensitive medicines while they are in transit from the pharmacy to the patient’s home. 

Transport medicines without disrupting the cold chain!

Safeguarding the cold chain for heat-sensitive medicines guarantees the integrity of medical treatments until they are administered. Once the medicine has been issued to the patient, it must always be stored at a temperature of between +2 °C and +8 °C in order to maintain its effectiveness. This is now possible with the IGLOO cooling pouch.


A cooling kit for maintaining the temperature at between
+2 °C and +8 °C

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IGLOO consists of an insulated pouch and eutectic gel, which acts as the cold source. The procedure is straightforward: the pharmacist supplies the medicine in the IGLOO pouch (stored at +5 °C), which maintains it at the correct temperature for up to 1 hour (based on the conditions defined on the label). The patient then simply places the pouch in his refrigerator and takes it with him to his doctor’s appointment, without any additional handling and with no risk of the medicine freezing.

A long-awaited innovation in the market for heat-sensitive medicines

The IGLOO cooling kit has been created in response to a request from the French National Council of Pharmacists to provide an appropriate form of packaging with a minimum built-in cooling capacity of 20 minutes at specific temperatures of between +2 °C and +8 °C.

This insulated packaging solution also satisfies the requirements of pharmacists, as it is quick and easy to prepare and is an affordable price for them to offer or sell the kits to their patients.

As far as pharmaceutical companies are concerned, they are now in a position to guarantee the therapeutic quality of the medicines they supply until they are administered to the patient.

The advantages of this insulated packaging solution

  • In the IGLOO pouch, the medicines are stored at temperatures of between +2 °C and +8 °C for 1 hour, with no risk of freezing.

  • The kit can be reused up to 50 times.

  • This insulated packaging solution can be personalised to display your company image: turn it into a marketing product!

Technical specifications

Temperature ranges:
up to 1 hour
designed to accommodate 80% of heat-sensitive medicines
rigid high-density polyurethane panels
Cold source
: souple gel packs
specific qualification

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* The Certicold Pharma label, issued in March 2015 by the CEMAFROID certification laboratory. Certicold Pharma is the quality label for cold storage equipment for healthcare products.

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