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Hopipharm, the conference for hospital pharmacists

22 April 2014

Hopipharm, the conference for French-speaking hospital pharmacists, will be taking place from 14 to 16 May 2014 at La Rochelle (France) – and we’ll be there!

Come and see Sofrigam insulated packaging solutions for the temperature-controlled transport of medicines, Stand 2.

A meeting of healthcare professionals and companies

Hopipharm is organised by the Synprefh, the National Association of Pharmacists in Public Healthcare Establishments. As many as 1,400 participants (hospital pharmacists, healthcare professionals and industrial partners) will be attending the conference to discuss scientific, technical and professional topics.

Sofrigam will be on Stand 2. Our staff will be there to show you insulated packaging solutions for transporting heat-sensitive medicines. This is also a good opportunity to become reacquainted with La Boutique du Froid for the French market, ColdShop for the UK market, our online shops for insulated packaging solutions intended for healthcare professionals.

The three-day conference will feature workshops, discussion groups and round table debates. We will also have a chance to share our experience during a symposium.

Symposium on Tuesday 14 May at 7:00 p.m.: What is the best way to protect the cold chain in a hospital environment?

Laetitia Perche, Marketing Director at Sofrigam, will be hosting a symposium to discuss with you the challenges of security for the cold chain and she will be offering you some practical solutions.

Simple solutions for maintaining control of the cold chain for medicines at the hospital.Sofrigam is well aware of the problems encountered by healthcare establishments. Our cold chain experts have been studying the internal problems of in-house pharmacies (IHP) for more than 4 years in a number of general hospitals in France. We have been collaborating with Arras General Hospital, which experienced a break in the cold chain in its establishment, resulting in huge financial losses. Any interruption of the cold chain can have disastrous consequences for patients, leading to the irrecoverable loss of healthcare products worth up to € 300,000.

It goes without saying that strict control of the cold chain for medicines within healthcare establishments is a necessity in terms of healthcare and cost control. Furthermore, the regulations are being strengthened in the light of the development of temperature-sensitive medicines.

There are solutions for controlling the cold chain in a straightforward, rapid and effective manner, using very few resources. Regulations, market trends, restrictions and risks encountered: we have all the answers for optimising the security of heat-sensitive medicines in simple ways.

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