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Healthcare ColDays: the meeting place for healthcare product cold chain experts

09 November 2016

Healthcare ColDays is an event organized by the French Association of Cold (Association Française du Froid - AFF) in response to an information request by those involved in the logistics of heat-sensitive products. Sofrigam, a long-standing partner and sponsor of the event, is waiting for you on 22 and 23 November in Lyon, with its products and experts who will hold high value-added conferences.

transport of heat-sensitive healthcare products, pharmaceutical logistics, cold chain

Professional congress for the cold chain of healthcare products

A major exhibition, by and for cold chain professionals

Between regulations, product integrity, security and risk management, the transportation of medicines via the cold chain is more than ever before a challenge for everybody involved in the healthcare industry.

Healthcare ColDays, are two days of conferences managed by experts in refrigeration, healthcare, pharmacy, transport, qualification and certification of equipment and regulations. The purpose is to stay informed about standard and regulatory requirements, technologies and equipment for storage and transport and means for managing, securing and tracing healthcare products.

The core subjects of healthcare logistics will be discussed by players recognized in their field of expertise: maintaining the medicine cold chain in order to guarantee the integrity of patient care, regulation, standardization, certification of equipment for storing and transporting heat-sensitive healthcare products, environmental requirements for refrigeration units for pharmacies and healthcare, etc.

These days are aimed at dispensary or hospital pharmacists, healthcare professionals (doctors, nurses) in clinics and hospitals, cold chain quality controllers and managers of pharmaceutical laboratories, logisticians, carriers, refrigeration equipment manufacturers.

Our experts: highly involved in the Healthcare ColDays

The experts from Sofrigam are members of several technical committees within the AFF, including: Durable Development, Last Mile, and even Standardization.

technical issues on the cold chain of healthcare product, temperature-controlled pharmaceutical logistics expertise

Sofrigam experts will be involved in the technical aspects of transporting heat-sensitive healthcare products

They will hold two conferences which should not be missed:

  • Comparison of qualification benchmarks for insulated boxes”, Abbes Kacimi, Cold Chain Expertise Director

In order to guarantee an acceptable level of quality and security for temperature-controlled containers, regulations and standards and even guides for good practice have been established by various bodies in different countries.

With different statutes, the analytical and test norms and standards provide protocols and methods to characterize the boxes and verify their ability to maintain the heat-sensitive products within a required temperature range.

The conference concerns the
comparison of qualification benchmarks for the thermal efficiency of temperature-controlled boxes intended for healthcare products. The analysis is based on the most significant parameters and criteria: demands on the equipment, test load, temperature profiles, number and arrangement of temperature sensors, as well as the interpretation and conformity of results.

  • “Reuse of insulated packaging solutions: a practical problem or a regulatory loophole?”, Gilles Labranque, Chief Executive Officer

Every year, more than 5 million insulated packaging solutions are used in France by medicine companies, logisticians and healthcare establishments. Most of these packaging solutions are only used once. There are then tons of waste to be managed, which has financial and environmental repercussions.
Reusable refrigerated packaging is a solution for the future to minimize the environmental impact of transporting healthcare products via the cold chain.

As a guarantor for the integrity of shipped healthcare products, the packaging solution must ensure their security. Yet today, there are no standards or regulations which determine the conditions validating the reuse of a refrigerated packaging solution and its accessories.
What criteria confirm that a packaging solution is reusable and responds to the requirements for complying with the cold chain even after single use? How can we ensure that it responds to the conditions of initial qualification? This conference aims to explore the reasons for the popularity of ‘Reuse’ whilst objectively analysing its strengths and weaknesses.

Our products: ideally suited to respond to the requirements of the cold chain of healthcare products

Sofrigam is a long-standing partner of Healthcare ColDays.

As sponsor, it will present its new range of 2016 products. Among them, Initial cooling bags and Initial Cooling boxes, a range designed to secure the transportation of pharmaceutical products and optimize logistical costs. In fact, it benefits from an original concept of all-in-one solutions: a packaging solution with several combinations to suit the requirements in terms of duration.

The new semi-active iBox, a connected insulated box with on-board electronics, will also be presented at the exhibition. The iBox combines self-regulation temperature technology with a traceability system: essential for transportation under high security.

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