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Find us at the Pharm Connect pharmaceutical congress on 22 and 23/02 in Budapest

16 February 2017

Pharm Connect is one of the most important conferencesin Eastern Europe dedicated to the biotechnology and pharmaceutical industries. Sofrigam will be there to meet key contacts in logistics and the pharmaceutical supply chain in Eastern Europe as well as for private meetings with clients and prospective customers present at the convention .

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Let’s discuss your insulated packaging solution needs!

As a European Leader of temperature controlled packaging units, Sofrigam provides boxes and solutions to the biggest names in the pharmaceutical industry.
The “Pharm Connect” congress is a not-to-be-missed event for players in the pharmaceutical supply chain, particularly due to its specific format. In fact, both days of the congress feature private business meetings between prospective customers, clients and solution providers. These very targeted meetings are an excellent way to present our range of insulated packaging solutions and define the needs of each representative.

We will showcase the best-sellers from our Initial collection: the Initial insulated packaging solutions. Pallet-shippers, insulated shipping boxes, cooling bags, the range is available in several formats in order to respond to all of the needs of the medicine logistics chain, pharmaceutical production centres in care units and patient administration.

Initial: high performance insulated boxes which reduce your transportation costs

temperature-controlled packaging solution, medicine transport packaging, pharmaceutical cold chain logistics

Insulated shipping box from the Initial packaging Collection

The packaging solutions in the Initial collection have been designed to offer insulated solutions:

  • Adjustable: the same packaging volume can be adjusted for different performances. It is possible to adapt the storage period of the packaging solution according to the amount of cold introduced. Adapting the cold source for different requirements is a good way to prevent overloading of the packaging solution with eutectic plates. All in all, this approach is beneficial for the environment by reducing the weight of the box, and consequently the transportation costs.

  • Prе-qualified: the Initial packaging solutions have been pre-qualified according to AFNOR logistics profiles and ISTA standards for transport by plane, lorry or ship. The purpose? To save time! Do you require insulated packaging solutions for transporting your pharmaceutical products? The Initial packaging solutions have already been tested and qualified in the laboratory. As such, they are ready for use and adapted to the cold chain logistics of life sciences products, whether by air, sea or road.

  • Economical: our insulated boxes are economical because we use high performance materials and not because we have chosen lower end materials!! Polyurethane is a high quality insulating material, which allows us to design the most attractive external size ratio/payload boxes on the market. Our packaging solutions have a 20% higher payload than our market competitors and a 30% lower weight. Consequently, if our packaging solutions are more economical this is because they allow you to ship more products whilst reducing your transport costs. And as they use fewer raw materials, they have less of an impact on the environment. A winning mix for reducing the TCO of your cold chain logistics!

    Join us at the Pharm Connect pharmaceutical congress on 22 and 23 February to discuss your cold chain challenges with us.

    Would you like a private meeting? Do not hesitate to contact us!

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