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Express delivery: just-in-time cold logistics

Are you intending to make just-in-time deliveries worldwide? Our express delivery service has been designed with you in mind.

Have storage and distribution sites throughout the world so that deliveries can be received within 24 hours.

Be prepared for urgent cases and meet your deadlines: a 100% effective service


Optimise your transportation costs and save time. Tell us about your logistics constraints: we can provide you with a storage area close to your delivery points. We manage your overall logistics up to the transportation of your insulated or refrigerated packaging. A buffer stock is always kept topped up so that you can deal with any emergency.

We have storage areas in France, Belgium, the USA and Canada. We also have exclusive distributors throughout the world: we can set up your stock of products and guarantee record delivery times from 4 hours to one day. Place your order before 3 p.m. and you can be sure of having it delivered the following day, wherever you may be.

Save time: ready-to-use gel packs


Temperature sensitive products increasingly require strict compliance with the cold chain. That is why Sofrigam designs and qualifies its packaging products according to your product and your logistics constraints. As the preparation of gel packs is a key step, we can deliver your packaging with gel packs that are ready for use. This means that all you have to do is to load your products.

Setting up a stock of products and guaranteeing extremely quick delivery times, putting in place logistics that are exclusively dedicated to you : Sofrigam provides you with support at every step of cold chain compliance.

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Just in time delivery

A major pharmaceutical laboratory wanted to externalise the management of its stocks of refrigerated boxes used to ship heat sensitive products with a “Just in time” service.

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