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End-to-end logistics: the flagship theme of the 2017 edition of “Temperature Controlled Logistics”

02 January 2017

“Temperature Controlled Logistics” is a European event which each year brings together those involved in the logistical chain of healthcare products shipped via the cold chain. This year the emphasis will be placed on the security of cool chain end-to-end pharmaceutical logistics .

medicine logistics, pharmaceutical supply chain

End-to-end pharmaceutical logistics: essential management

The end-to-end pharmaceutical logistical chain, involves all of the logistical operations of medicines (transport and storage) from the place of manufacture to delivery to healthcare establishments (clinics, hospitals and pharmacies).

The transportation of medicines in a temperature-controlled environment means that this end-to-end pharmaceutical logistics via the cold chain must be perfectly managed to guarantee the integrity of the medicines up until they are administered to the patient. A particularly complex objective for several reasons:

  • The number of people involved in the logistics of medicines is high: manufacturers, carriers, storage and distribution platforms, depositories, wholesalers-distributors and lastly healthcare establishments (clinics, hospitals, pharmacies).

  • The circuits are increasingly long and/or complex because the flows of healthcare products are globalized prior to production, up to release from factories and even warehouses. It is not uncommon today to see active pharmaceutical ingredients (API) manufactured in India or China, converted into tablets or vials for CMO (Contract Manufacturing Organizations) in the United States or Canada, which are packaged in Europe and distributed around the world.

  • Regulations for pharmaceutical companies have increased so as to guarantee the security and integrity of healthcare products. The most obvious example has been the GDP introduced by the European Commission in 2013, which require medicines to be stored, transported and handled in accordance with defined conditions. However, globalization is making compliance with regulations even more complex. Compliance with GDP is crucial but with other countries imposing their own rules, it is not enough.

Sofrigam, the partner for your end-to-end logistics

end-to-end logistics, pharmaceutical cold chain

Variations in temperature during transportation can partially or completely destroy a shipment and cause the pharmaceutical company to lose millions of dollars.

Finding the most appropriate means of transport or even choosing the most suitable insulated packaging solution is not easy. Today, there are many cold chain companies and the range is varied, from the data logger to the refrigerated box including active containers. Poor purchasing decisions can impact on the security of shipped healthcare products, their quality, may not comply with regulations, resulting in company losses and damage to its image.

Sofrigam benefits from highly specialized expertise in the pharmaceutical cold chain. As a partner of global pharmaceutical leaders for almost 40 years, we assist them in securing their logistical chain from the place of manufacture of medicines to patient administration. Our complete range of insulated solutions covers all pharmaceutical logistics needs, from the pallet-shipper optimized for air transportation to the insulated pouch intended to increase the security of the medicine given to the patient. All of this, with a view to reducing costs and the environmental impact using high-performance, innovative solutions.

Discover our insulated packaging solutions on our stand ( 39/40) at the “Temperature Controlled Logistics” event on 31st January and 1st February 2017 in London. Our cold chain pharmaceutical experts will also be there to respond to any of your shipping challenges!

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