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Designing insulated shipping systems: the impact of imprecise specifications (2/3)

10 February 2014

Specifications are an indispensable part of the custom packaging design process. They can lead to significant time-savings... as long as they are clear and precise!

When demands can’t be met...

Imprecise specifications may reveal technical incompatibilities. Sometimes the client may want certain features that are just not feasible or that are mutually inconsistent. For example, it is not possible for products to simultaneously be multifunctional, perform well in extreme conditions, and be inexpensive. It is also difficult to produce highly innovative products with immediate availability.

Adjusting the specifications

The consequences of imprecise specifications when designing insulated packaging.If any incompatibilities or inconsistencies are found in the initial specifications, adjustments will be required. Sofrigam can come up with alternative solutions. The goal is to meet as many of the criteria listed in the first version of the specifications as possible, especially as regards quality, costs and deadlines. Otherwise, imprecise specifications could lead to a packaging design that doesn’t meet the client’s needs!

This also applies if you are ordering standard packaging. A development period might be needed to ensure that packaging meets particular requirements. Reliability testing, packaging certification.... even standard packaging design benefits from precise specifications.

Quality, costs and deadlines: three closely-linked concepts!

Changing the details of any one of these criteria (quality, costs and deadlines) will have a knock-on effect on the other two. For example, it is impossible to increase quality requirements while at the same time lowering costs and bringing deadlines forward. In fact, imprecise specifications can push back deadlines or push up projected costs if they lead to changes being made in the middle of development.

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