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Delivery of frozen accumulators

Some clients in the USA and Canada wanted to receive ready-to-use cold accumulators in order to insert them directly into the boxes.


  • Externalise the operation for preparation of the cold accumulators (freezing and stabilisation) with the responsibility this involves
  • Avoid the purchase, qualification and maintenance of the refrigerated
  • Reduce storage space in their warehouse
  • Simplify the operative method for preparation of shipments, by receiving ready-to-use cold accumulators according to need


  • Freezing and stabilisation of cold accumulators at the temperature of use, in accordance with the validated operative method
  • Delivery on demand of the stabilised ready-to-use accumulators, according to the type requested and in sufficient quantity
  • Provide a minimum stock to avoid the risk of stockout whatever the demand
  • Respect for delivery times

Solution Sofrigam

snowgamSofrigam set up a service for preparation and thermal stabilisation of the cold accumulators, in accordance with the approved protocol and the validated operative method.  The accumulators are frozen and stabilised at the required temperature of use, at which they remain stored in order to be delivered ready-to-use on request.  Delivery is obviously undertaken in frigorific vehicles.

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