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Designing customised packaging

Has your insulated and refrigerated packaging not been optimised to your precise requirements?

Our design office will analyse your logistics circuit in order to develop customised packaging that meets your specific transportation demands. Optimise the amounts you despatch by 10 to 50%!

Customised insulated packaging : save on space and control your costs

Customized designWhen transporting your medicines or other temperature sensitive products, your packaging must be perfectly adapted to the nature, volume and weight of the products transported.

Customised packaging is designed for maximum rationalisation of your logistics : no wasted space because you can despatch more products per consignment. This enables you to reduce your transportation costs and to control your carbon footprint.

Designing insulated and refrigerated packaging adapted to your constraintsservice-surmesure-2

Your despatch conditions will establish the specifications and, therefore, the properties of your packaging. Together with you, we identify the risk and management levels applicable to the transportation of your products: conservation temperature ranges, the logistic circuit duration, exposure temperatures etc.

Based on your specifications, we use our «Aser» software to produce your temperature profile. Your packaging is placed in its usage situation : this simulation is used to establish the requirements applicable to your insulated transportation (provision of refrigerating pack, risk of changes affecting the temperature profile, etc.).

Polyurethane: the ideal material for your packaging requirements


Polyurethane panels are flexible and allow us to design perfectly customised packaging for you. Additionally, the polyurethane packaging production system does not require the creation of specific moulds : therefore, using polyurethane does not create any extra costs.

We develop and produce your customised packaging which is then tested and certified in the Ater métrologie laboratory. Your product requirements are met and packaging and logistic costs controlled.

Choose customised insulated or refrigerated packaging for perfectly adapted and optimised logistics. Designing customised packaging is not subject to any minimum order quantities.

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