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Conference on the cold chain logistics for pharmaceuticals: ‘Cool Supply System and Solutions’, 19-20 March, Brussels, Belgium

17 March 2015

Logistics for pharmaceutical products, temperature-controlled transport, insulated packaging solutions, dispatching medicinal productsDealing with the manufacture, storage and monitoring of medicinal products up to the point when they are delivered to the patient, ‘Cool Supply System and Solutions’ is an event dedicated to temperature control during the distribution of heat-sensitive pharmaceutical products.

Harmonisation and corrective interpretation of GDP

Distribution of pharmaceutical products, logistics for medicinal products, transport via the cold chain, insulated packaging solutions

Good distribution practices for pharmaceutical products, more commonly referred to as ‘BPDG’ (Wholesale Good Distribution Practices of Medicinal products), is a guide intended for use by pharmaceuticals manufacturers; it contains guidelines for the distribution of medicinal products within Europe. The objective is to guarantee the quality of pharmaceutical products until they are delivered to the end user. In this way, it supplements the provisions of good practice for manufacture and importation – as applied to pharmaceutical establishments – and it constitutes one of the elements of quality assurance.

Since November 2013, two chapters are now dedicated to the equipment and to the conditions for transporting and storing medicinal products that must be maintained at a controlled temperature. However, there is still evidence of a lack of harmonisation in the regulations governing the distribution of heat-sensitive healthcare products.

Optimising the logistics of pharmaceutical products transported via the cold chain

For the past 4 years, the ‘Cool Supply System and Solutions’ conference has been identifying problems and posing practical questions regarding the logistics chain for temperature-controlled pharmaceutical products. What will happen to my products at the airport? How can ‘final mile’ distribution models be improved? How to deal with the complexity of data management and the absence of harmonised directives ?

From the manufacture to the storage of medicinal products, the agenda for 2015 will be dedicated to the optimisation of logistics and the transport of temperature-controlled consignments in compliance with GDP.

Come and find out more about our qualified insulated shipping packaging solutions for transporting sensitive pharmaceutical products in strict compliance with GDP.

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