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Compliance with the cold chain; we are responding to your requirements.

25 August 2014

Sofrigam maintains contact with everyone involved in the cold chain, in order to devise insulated packaging solutions to solve their problems.

Training sessions for professionals from the pharmaceutical industry, designed to safeguard the cold chain for heat-sensitive medicinal products.

Tell us more: Sofrigam meets healthcare professionals

Sofrigam is making it a point of honour to arrange meetings with everyone involved in the logistics chain for medicinal products, in order to discuss their problems. For over 5 years, we have been meeting with clinicians (midwives, physicians, etc.), dispensary pharmacists, patients’ associations, quality control engineers and technicians from pharmaceutical laboratories and other establishments. We have learnt that their primary preoccupations are common to all of them, regardless of whether it is a question of transport or the storage of heat-sensitive medicinal products:

  • The conditions of transport up to delivery of the containers to the quayside lack traceability;
  • Some establishments do not have refrigeration facilities at the quayside;
  • Heat-sensitive medicinal products are not always identified when they are received;
  • The choice of cold chain thermal packaging solutions is limited, due to budgetary constraints;
  • The insulated packaging solutions used do not always satisfy actual requirements: solidity, maintenance, qualification, method of operation, identification markings to prevent theft, etc.;
  • The temperature readings are not always clear and accurate;
  • Domestic refrigerators are not always suitable and they are not serviced at regular intervals;
  • The location of the medicinal product in the packaging solution is not always ideal.

Learn how to handle the cold chain for medicinal products

We have gained expertise in providing support for healthcare professionals in hospitals, in order to mitigate the risks associated with safety, quality and efficiency in the control of heat-sensitive medicinal products. Our contribution to the AFF-SFSTP [French Cold Association- French Association for Pharmaceutical Sciences and Techniques] subcommittee, ‘Compliance with the cold chain for healthcare products right to the last mile’, has enabled us to work in close collaboration with healthcare professionals and industrial players in the field of refrigeration, in order to offer solutions involving ongoing improvements right to the last mile.

Familiarisation and training for personnel at every stage of the cold chain have proved to be necessary accompaniments to positive action and best practice. Good Distribution Practice is based on maintaining a constant temperature, the period of transit and the volume of the medicinal products to be transported.

Insulated packaging solutions should be capable of storing pharmaceutical products at the correct temperature and they should be adapted to suit the logistical constraints of the user.

Opt for a packaging solution that satisfies your particular requirements

By paying careful attention to your requirements, we have been able to innovate and offer thermal packaging solutions for pharmaceutical products that are pre-qualified and adapted to suit your constraints: not too large, not too heavy and personalised to show the name of your unit. Furthermore, contacts established with patients have made it possible to develop a series of suitable packaging solutions: the Nomad range. These cooling packaging solutions are very easy to use and transport, they are products of quality and they are highly efficient.

All our insulated packaging solutions are tested by one of the largest metrology laboratories in Europe, Ater Métrologie, which reproduces the actual conditions under which the cold chain packaging solutions are dispatched.

Acutely aware of the risks encountered by the patient when a medicinal product is not stored in satisfactory storage conditions, our goal is to provide you with support in order to optimise the cold chain and to guarantee that the specified temperature is maintained through the transport cycle.

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