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Our expertise and you

Place your trust in the cold chain specialists.

Our research work, our participation in working groups and in shared projects have led, in particular, to the design of VIP or Vacuum Insulation Panel packaging.

We assert our presence as one of the cold chain experts. We have been approached for our expertise on several occasions :

Research and development with university and industrial partners focusing on insulation, the manufacture of packaging, cold release, ... :

  • IBE – Institut Belge de l’Emballage / Belgian Institute of Packaging
  • IIF – Institut International du Froid/International Institute of Refrigeration

Congresses, conferences, seminars and information meetings addressing cold chain processes and news.

Publication of scientific articles or reviews on good practices in the cold chain, with working groups and commissions :

  • general review of refrigeration,
  • mixed SFSTP/AFF commission,
  • AFNOR commission,
  • etc...

We also share our expertise with our clients in order to tell them about our expertise and news about our business. Our quarterly newsletter will provide you with key information on the cold chain industry.

What we seek above all is to satisfy your precise demands in connection with your logistics and cold chain compliance.

Our work demonstrates our expertise: we have the human and material means for providing you with support.

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precision and anticipation



responsibility and cost control


Wholesaler Dispatcher Distributor

for the distributor, reliability has to be a priority